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How do I delete/remove a client?

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QuickBooks Team

How do I delete/remove a client?

Thank you for posting here in the Community, @. I’ll share some information about deleting your client.


It seems that you’re using QuickBooks Accountant Online based on the term client. If so, we can delete them. Through this, you’re unable to access their company and work features like Prep for taxes. I’ll show you how:


  1. Ensure your client assigns a new primary admin
  2. You’ll need to remove them  if the they’re part of your ProAdvisor discount plan. Once updated, they’ll get the full access to their accounts. 
  3. Sign in to QuickBooks Online Accountant as an admin.
  4. From the Client's list's Name column open the client's name link.
  5. From the Edit client drop-down menu, select Delete permanently.
  6. Select Yes, when the confirmation prompt appears.


If your client is part of your Wholesale Billing subscription or you're the Master Admin for their company file, you can’t remove them. If they’re connected to you through ProConnect Tax Online, this only deletes their QuickBooks profile. However, we can make them inactive so they won’t appear on your list.


Here’s how:


  1. On the left pane, go to Clients menu and find the one you’ll want to delete.
  2. Select the Edit client drop-down, then click Make inactive.
  3. Tap Yes to confirm.


Just a reminder that making your client's status inactive does not cancel their subscription. To completely do so, follow these steps:


  1. Go to the Gear icon ⚙.
  2. Choose Subscriptions & Billing.
  3. Select any clients you want to remove.
  4. From the Batch Actions ▼dropdown, select Transfer billing to the client.
  5. Click Remove.


If you’re invited by your client, you’ll need to reach out to them and request to remove you as the accountant. For the step-by-step process, visit this article: Remove an accountant.


You can read through these articles for more insights about managing your clients' account:



If you have other questions about managing your client, feel free to leave a comment below. I'll be right here to help. 

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How do I delete/remove a client?

Hello. I tried to delete my client but it said that I need to delete them from my accountant billed subscriptions first. I’ve tried to do that but o canceled the subscription already and the only option I’m given it to resubscribe but I can’t click on anything. I’m not able to transfer the subscription.


How do I delete/remove a client?

Hello there, @Lovever. I'm here to help delete your client from your accountant billing subscription.


You'll want to ensure that you set up your client active before removing them. This way, you can transfer the billing subscription to them.


Once they're active, follow the steps below on how to transfer:


  1. In QuickBooks Online Accountant, go to the Clients menu.
  2. Find the client.
  3. Select the Edit client ▼ dropdown and then Make active.
  4. In QuickBooks Online Accountant, go to the Gear icon⚙ and then Billing and subscriptions.
  5. Select the Your subscriptions tab or the Accountant-billed subscriptions tab.
  6. Select the client you want to remove.
  7. From the Select actions dropdown, select Transfer billing to the client.


Please note that they have read-only access to their QuickBooks company until they update their billing info. They can see their accounting data but can't make changes. For more details, see this article: Manage your QuickBooks Online Accountant pricing plan and discount.


Also, I'd suggest logging into your QBO account using a private browser. Stored cache can cause unusual behavior in QuickBooks, such as unresponsive features.


Here are the keyboard shortcuts to access it:


  • Safari: Hold down Command Shift N
  • Microsoft Edge or Firefox: Press Ctrl Shift P
  • Chrome: Press Ctrl Shift N


If it works, we can clear your browser's cache to delete those temporarily stored files and free some space on your browser's data. You can also do this task on other supported, up-to-date browsers.


Moreover, let me add these links that you can use for reference in managing your client's and handling your accountant tools:



Feel free to leave a post below if you have other questions about managing your QuickBooks account. I'm always here to help.