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Please help since Friday I get the following error - Unexpected token < in JSON at position - Please Help ?

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QuickBooks Team

Please help since Friday I get the following error - Unexpected token < in JSON at position - Please Help ?

Thanks for dropping by the Community and for sharing the exact error message you've got, @print3.


You've got me here to help you get rid of the Unexpected token error that you received.


I have a few troubleshooting we can try to fix it. The first step I recommend is using your browser's incognito window. This feature doesn't use the existing cache files, which makes it a good place to test if there's an issue with the browser.


Here's how:

  • Press the Ctrl Shift N (Google Chrome) keys on your keyboard.
  • Press the Ctrl Shift P (Firefox or Internet Explorer) keys on your keyboard.
  • Press Control Option (Safari) keys on your keyboard.

If it's gone, then we can clear your browser's cache data storage. At times, the stored data can cause some odd behaviors and simply needs to be cleared from the browser. 


I'm including an article that goes over this in more depth and provides steps for supported browsers: Delete or disable cache and temporary internet files in your web browser.


If the problem continues after performing the steps above, I suggest contacting our Customer Care Team. They can run a remote viewing session to help verify what's causing the issue and apply a resolution.


To do that:

  1. Click on Help at the top menu bar.
  2. Hit on the Contact Us button.
  3. Enter a brief description of the issue in the What can we help you with? box.
  4. Press on Let's talk.
  5. Select on Get a callback.
  6. Key in your contact details, then tap on Confirm my call.



Please feel free to reach out to the Community if you have any questions about QuickBooks. I'm here to help whenever you need a hand. Have a lovely day!