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Adding companies

I have quickbooks desktop and am looking to shift over to quickbooks online. I made a once off payment for quickbooks desktop that allowed me to add multiple companies. Why is it required to add multiple subscriptions in order to add multiple companies for quickbooks online? Or am I missing something? 


Thank you

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Adding companies

Thanks for bringing your concern to me, georgmuller. You don't miss anything.


Let me share some insights about it.


QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online are two different products. They have different features and offers to customers. In QuickBooks Desktop, you can add more companies with the same subscription or license number. 


While QuickBooks Online, you'll need to have a subscription per company. Each company file is a separate paid subscription, but you log in with the same credentials. Once you have multiple QBO companies, you can simply switch from one company to another quickly. See this how do I switch companies article for more information.  


Also, I'd like to share with you this helpful article for reference about tasks related to your company and accounts: Help Articles for QuickBooks Online.

Post your QuickBooks concerns anytime. I'm here to make sure you'll be given the correct details of your queries. Stay safe and have a good one, georgmuller.

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Adding companies


One QBO account for one company file. If you manage multiple branches, you can utilize the class features on QBO Plus.


You should keep using QB Desktop to manage multi company files. Purchase the one time license for QB Desktop 2020 or 2021 to upgrade your version if required.