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Simon Gardener
Level 1

Cant copy text in body of mail (of Tax invoice) after sending via Outlook

Hey everyone,

We send all our QB quotes, invoices etc  via Outlook.

When sending a quote, you can copy the text in the quote in the sent PDF.

When sending a invoice, its not allowing you to copy the text in the invoice in the sent PDF.

Any idea why?

Some of our invoices are VERY lengthy in terms of work done OR its 2 - 3 pages and client then has to manually sit every month to type it out.

When you open the physical invoice in QB, print it to PDF then it allows you to copy the text.

Its like its a safety feature or something that gets created when getting sent out?

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QuickBooks Team

Cant copy text in body of mail (of Tax invoice) after sending via Outlook

Thanks for posting here in the Community, Simon. I'm here to help you fix the issue of why you're unable to copy the text in the body of your tax invoices from QuickBooks Online (QBO).


I replicated this on my end. I tried to send an invoice via Outlook, and I can copy the text of the body of the tax invoice from the mail body and from the attached PDF.


Have you tried clearing the cache or using other supported browsers? The private window will not save any history, making it a good place to identify browser problems. To start incognito mode, use these keyboard shortcuts:


  • Google Chrome: press Ctrl + Shift + N  
  • Mozilla Firefox: press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Safari: press Command + Shift + N


If you're able to copy the text using a private browser, go back to your regular browser and clear its cache. Clearing the cache or cookies is the best way to get a clean slate for your browser. Otherwise, using other supported browsers can be a good alternative too.


In addition to this, you can visit these articles for further instructions on how to include additional details or personalise sales transactions:


I'm all ears if you have other concerns about managing your invoices in QBO. I’ll be more than happy to work with you again. Have a good one!

Simon Gardener
Level 1

Cant copy text in body of mail (of Tax invoice) after sending via Outlook

Hi Kevin,


Thanks for the detailed help.

We use Quickbooks Desktop still.

I have tried converting to Quicksbooks Online but there are several features that Online doesn't offer that we use on a day to day basis so unfortunately need to still stay on the Desktop version.

I tried calling the [Removed] support number and person advised he cant help me.

He then advised I must call +44[removed] which is a UK number but I am unable to call other countries at the moment from my phone so tried the Community post as above to see if anyone here can help as I cant find any "South Africa Quickbooks Desktop" support.



QuickBooks Team

Cant copy text in body of mail (of Tax invoice) after sending via Outlook

Thanks for getting back and clarifying what product you’re using, Simon. I’m here to elaborate on some fixes to allow you to copy and paste invoices from QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


The same in QuickBooks Online (QBO), we can also copy texts from your invoices in PDFs. If you’re unable to do so, we can perform some troubleshooting steps such as the Verify Rebuild Data option. This resolve identifies the most commonly known data issues within your company file.


Before anything else, please know that QuickBooks Desktop is offered specifically to the US and Canada region. Whichever version you’re using from these regions. The steps to perform the fixes are the same. To start, please make sure your QuickBooks Desktop is up to date, and begin with the guidelines below:


  1. First, choose Window and then select Close All.
  2. Go to the File menu, and then click on Utilities.
  3. Select the option of Rebuild Data.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to back up your data.
  5. When the tool finishes, select OK.
  6. Navigate to the File menu, then hover over Utilities.
  7. Click Verify Data and select Rebuild Now once QuickBooks finds an issue with your company file.


If you still wish to reach out to our support, you can get in touch with them through our US-based live chat channel. Please refer to this page and select your product: QuickBooks Desktop Support.


I'm always here to help with QuickBooks and invoices. The QuickBooks Community is available 24/7 for additional support. Let me know if you need anything. Take care!