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Customised fields for customers


I need to group all customers by a specific sales consultant for commission tracking.

Each customer is allocated to one of 10 sales persons. I have worked out how to create a class and am able to allocate a sales person to a client at invoice or quote input stage - and show a report of sales by sales person.

But it would be so much easier to allocate that sales person at customer capture time! And import from the existing csv files.

Any requests for help just generate answers specific to invoices, quotes etc. 


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Customised fields for customers

Thank you for contacting us today, GeorgeMacD.


You can allocate the sales person by adding a custom field on the sales form. Just make sure to enable to custom field and make it appear on the form.


Here's how: 


  1. Go to Settings ⚙, then select Custom fields.
  2. Select Add field.
  3. Enter a name in the Name field.
  4. Select the All Sales forms checkbox.
  5. If you want the custom field to appear on printed and delivered forms, turn on the Print on form switch. Otherwise, it will only be visible in QuickBooks.
  6. Click Save.


Since you have a CSV file, you also add custom fields to your template. QuickBooks helps you map fields to ensure they matches when you import the file.


You can download the entire QuickBooks Online EZ Map Fields Catalogue. If you have a custom design in .docx format (MS Word 2010+) ready, you can map it with EZ Map fields. To start fresh, use our samples.


I'm also adding these articles as your guide in tracking sales person on the sales form.



Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with today by commenting below. I'm always around to provide the information that you need in allocating the sales person.

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Customised fields for customers


Thanks for the response. You cover adding custom fields to sales documents. This I have done. I've even added classes to sales documents which sort of do the job, but inefficiently.

I cannot see how to edit or add to the customer input screen.

May I restate my need:

I want to be able to add a consultants name to each customer. That happens once. Then each time I raise a sales document for that customer it is automatically filled with relevant data including the consultants name.

I can then easily pull reports which detail sales by item; sales by customer and sales by consultant. That allows easy commission calculations etc.

My current accounting program SAGE online handles this easily and without issue.
Please tell me if this is possible in QBO and how.


QuickBooks Team

Customised fields for customers

Thank you for getting back to us and clarifying things about your concern, @GeorgeMacD.


It seems that you're trying to add custom fields for a consultant's name to your customer's profile. At this time, this option is available in the QuickBooks Online (QBO) Advanced version, which is exclusive to the US region.


Our product engineers are working to have this QBO version to be available to all regions. For now, I encourage submitting feedback directly to them. This way, they'll add your suggestion to the list of the users who wants to have the QBO Advanced version in all regions. To submit feedback, you can go to the Gear icon and select Feedback. Then, enter your suggestion and click Submit.


You may want to view all your sales transactions in the future. You can go to the Sales menu and select All Sales. This will gives you a great view of the status of sales transactions, open invoices, and paid invoices. 


We're always here to listen if you have concerns regarding other features. You're welcome to post again or leave a reply below, @GeorgeMacD.

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Customised fields for customers


Thank you Mark.

I have submitted the suggestion/request via the Feedback option.

I do hope this will happen soon - it's a simple addition and is found in most good accounting packages.

I actually don't understand why it's not there in the first place!