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Group inventory

Good day,


I have recently moved over to QB Online. Prior to that I has the 2019 Desktop version. 

Previous version - Inventory - Create New - Group - Select items - Save. This does not seem to have the same facility, which is the only reason I have QB.


With the online platform, under Products & Services, it provides the option to Bundle an item. However, how do I allocate the items to that specific bundle from COS?





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Group inventory

I've got you, GNS_2021.


Once you set up an inventory item (the same goes with the items in a bundle), the program automatically adds two accounts to your Chart of Accounts namely Inventory Asset (Other Current Asset) and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)


COGS is affected only when you sell the items. This account isn’t meant for the items you use to create your products, such as raw materials.



If the items you bought are used to run your business or part of your inventory cost, you can record them as expenses. However, for those you buy and resell, you can directly add them to your Products and Services List.


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