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Inventory work arounds

Hi there



on January 1, I get invoiced on 90 days when my bought goods leave a European warehouse.

The good arrive in my warehouse on February 15th


How do I work around the fact that QBO does not have a "goods receipt note" to bring the goods into the inventory? How can I differentiate between GOODS ON HAND and GOODS ON ORDER?

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QuickBooks Team

Inventory work arounds

Warm greetings, Lynn85. I understand that you want a way to differentiate between goods that are currently in stock and goods that are on order. 


When you receive the invoice from your supplier, you can make a purchase order for the goods you bought. This feature will allow you to track the items that are on order and the items that have been received. This is a workaround to the goods receipt note. 


On the other hand, please know there's no direct feature to differentiate goods on hand and order. Alternatively, you can generate the Stock Valuation Summary to view all the quantities on hand. Run the Stock Valuation Detail to see all transactions for each inventory item and how they affect quantity on hand, value, and cost. 


For more detailed information, visit this article: Use reports to see your sales and inventory status


Moreover, you can adjust your stock quantity on hand in QuickBooks Online without recording a purchase or sale to match what you have in store. Additionally, you can view your transaction details to see whether they are open, closed, paid, partially paid or overdue.


Whenever you need my assistance regarding your inventory, click the reply button below. I'm always around to help. 

Level 1

Inventory work arounds

Thanks for your help, it doesn't quite resolve the problem and it would be great if your developers could add a stock on hand and a stock in transit columns on the inventory.

I'm going to have to find one of the solutions you mentioned until then.