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Multiple SKUs are missing from Products and Services

Multiple SKUs are missing from Products and Services after editing prices in IOS Mobile App.


I see no SKU edit option on Mobile App when editing a Product or Service so I assume that 0 entry is synced after editing on Mobile which then deletes the SKU entry online.


Has anyone experienced this issue and if so, how does one have the dev team address this issue.

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Multiple SKUs are missing from Products and Services

Hi MMB_Malan,


I'm here to help isolate why the SKUs are missing.


Let's perform a few troubleshooting steps to determine why your products and services SKUs are not showing and resolve it accordingly. One of the possible reasons causing this problem is the cache stored on your app. Let's remove the temporary cache in and outside the program by following the steps below:


For iOS devices:


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under General, select Storage.
  3. Select your QuickBooks app.
  4. Click Offload App.


I'm also adding this article for all the features and functions of QuickBooks Online: Help Articles in QuickBooks Online.


If you have other concerns and questions about managing your QBO account, I'm always around to help.

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Multiple SKUs are missing from Products and Services

Hi Adrian A


I think it will be best if you replicate the problem.

  1. In a browser log in to Quickbooks.
  2. Get paid and Pay
  3.  Products & Services
  4. Create NEW (In my case Service)
  5. Add details in Product/Service Information (Remember to include SKU)
  6. Save and close
  7. Open Mobile App (In my case IOS)
  8. Menu
  9. All
  10. Products and Services
  11. Locate the Product/Service that you just added in your browser
  12. Tap on the Product/Service that you just added in your browser
  13. Now edit/change the price in IOS
  14. Note: You will see that there is no option or dropdown to edit SKU
  15. Tap Save
  16. Back to your browser log in to Quickbooks
  17. If you now open your Product/Service on your browser (where you can view SKU), you will see that the SKU has been deleted.


I'm not a programmer but I think the issue is that there is no SKU value on the mobile app, thus when you save from the mobile app, a null value is synced with the system (because it doesn't exist) and that null value is then propegated when viewed via browser.


Again, I'm not  aprogrammer, but it seems the solution is easy: Just add an editable SKU value to the IOS app so there are values to sync.


Please relay to the development team as soon as you have the opportunity as this is pretty much a deal breaker for me.