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Transaction bank balance 0

I've reconciled my first month and it came out exact in qb online showing the beginning and ending

balances being correct.  But when viewing 'Transactions', it shows the bank bal on top with the qb balance on the bottom for each account, the bank account balance at my bank says $0, and that's not correct. 


I manually import my transactions.  My bank doesn't work with qb. 


It's correct in the ledger but just not on the display in 'transactions'.  There's no 'balance' column in the

csv file I import.  How could it not see it, particularly since it's in the register?


Any ideas?

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QuickBooks Team

Transaction bank balance 0

I can see why your bank balance is showing zero in QuickBooks Online (QBO), @azacdoc.


When connecting your bank account to QuickBooks, this will provide access from your bank and see the actual balance in it. Given that you manually uploaded your bank and mentioned that this doesn’t work with QuickBooks. This explains why the Bank Balance reflected in the application is zero (0). This is the default even if you'll bring in the transactions.


Your actual bank balance will appear if you connect it. You can also update it to get the latest data. From the Banking page, simply click Update. In addition, all transactions you recorded will affect the QuickBooks balance.


Furthermore, you can refer to this resource if you encounter any issues after reconciling your account: Fix issues at the end of a reconciliation in QuickBooks Online.


Leave a comment below if you have other banking concerns. I’m also open to questions about any QuickBooks-related matters you may have. Just don’t hesitate to tap the Reply button to post them here. Take care!

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Transaction bank balance 0

I CAN'T connect to my bank through qb. It returns that it can't connect.


They no longer work with qb, as mentioned.



QuickBooks Team

Transaction bank balance 0

Hello there, @azacdoc .


We understand the importance of properly using our banking feature in QuickBooks Online. I'm here to assist you handle this situation. Rest assured that our engineers are working diligently to allow more banks to integrate with QuickBooks Online South Africa as soon as possible.


Before manually uploading your bank transactions, you'll need to review if you're using the correct CSV file format to ensure it reflects in QBO properly.


If the problem persists, I recommend troubleshooting your browser to ensure it runs with QuickBooks efficiently. Sometimes, our browser fills too much cache, which could cause malfunctions to some features or slow down a website. Let's start with accessing QuickBooks Online using incognito mode or a private window.


Here are the shortcut keys to go private mode in a browser:


For Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge / Opera:

  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Mac: Command ⌘ + Shift + N

For Firefox:

  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Mac: Command ⌘ + Shift + P

For Safari:

  • Shift + Command ⌘ + N


If this works, you can proceed to clear your browser's cache and cookies.


After successfully uploading your bank transactions to your QBO account, you can review them to ensure it's categorized in the proper accounts.


Let me know if there's anything else you need besides banking transactions. I'm always here to assist you.

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Transaction bank balance 0

Thanks for your reply.


I've reconciled the account for Jan.  The balance in the register is correct for the bank account.  


The problem is, in 'transactions', in the boxes for each account where it shows the bank balance on top,

and quickbooks balance on the bottom, the bank has a $0 balance. 


That's the only place I'm seeing it be incorrect.  It doesn't make sense.