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Enter billable time by job

In Quickbooks Online, you can keep track of billable time by job. Set up jobs as sub-customers to keep all your billable expenses organised.

Add a sub-customer

Here's how to add a sub-customer:

  1. From the left menu, go to Sales then select Customers.
  2. Select New customer.
  3. Enter all the appropriate information for that sub-customer.
  4. Select the Is sub-customer checkbox.
  5. From the Enter parent customer drop-down, select the parent customer.
  6. Choose Bill with parent.
  7. Select Save and close.

Turn on billable time

Follow these steps to turn on billable time:

  1. Go to the Settings ⚙ icon, then Account and Settings.
  2. Select   Company Settings.
  3. From the left menu, select Advanced.
  4. In the Time tracking section, select the edit (pencil) icon.
  5. Ensure the Make Single-Time Activity Billable to Customer box is checked.
  6. (Optional) Select Show billing rate to users entering time. If you bill customers a different hourly rate than you pay your employees and subcontractors, you may want to leave this blank.
  7. Select Save and close.

Enter or record time as billable

You can enter billable time through the Time tab:

  1. Select Time to open Time Entries.
  2. Select Add Time, and choose a worker.
  3. Adjust the date range if necessary and select a day.
  4. Add the duration of hours worked, or toggle Start/end times on to enter a start time and end time for that day.
  5. Select Add work details to add a customer or project, make the timesheet billable, and any other applicable options.
  6. Select Add to add more timesheets for that worker.
  7. Select Save and Close.

Add billable time to invoice

Once you have entered time, marked them as Billable, and entered the sub-customer's name, you will see all billable time ready to be included when you create invoices.

Now you're able to keep track of billable time by job.

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