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Wael Mohamed
Level 1


Hello everyone,


I can't log my account "plus" except from the pc i made subscription from,

If i try to get a notification by mail or phone, it does not work & give a message that

"We have received your request & will procced" then nothing happens.


I need to log in from a different PC (without time overlapping of course),


Pls assist.


Also; I can't reach a hotline for assistance.

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Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15


Try opening your QBO account on any private/incognito browser.




Joining in to add more details and help with your log in issues as well, Wael.


There are times that too much cache or browser issues can cause errors when logging in to QBO. If you have a different browser in the other computers, you can use it to access your account. You can also use these keyboard shortcuts to start an incognito or private browsing session: 


  • Ctrl Shift for Google Chrome
  • Ctrl Shift P for Firefox
  • Control Option +if you're using Safari
  • Ctrl Shift P for Microsoft Edge


If you're able to log in successfully, go back to the regular browsing session and delete your browsing temporary internet files. Here's an article as a guide: Clear Cache And Cookies To Fix Issues When Using QuickBooks Online.


Also, chat support team for QBO International is open 24/7  every to Monday to Friday. You can follow these steps to reach out to our chat support team during business days:


  1. Go to the (?) Help menu.
  2. In the QB Assistant enter, type in "talk to a human" and press Enter.  
  3. Select Contact Support Team, then type in "talk to a human" one more time.
  4. Press Enter.
  5. Select, No I still need help, then click Contact Support Team.
  6. Click Start a chat with a support expert. 


As always, don't hesitate to ask questions if you need more help from us. We're open all the time to make sure everything is taken care of.