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Any people having issue with bank connection since PSD2 came in. How can I rectify. Programme unusable at moment as constantly showing message that sync issue

QuickBooks Team

Thanks for posting here in the Community, info.  At this...

Thanks for posting here in the Community, info

At this time, our product engineers are aware about our customers being unable to use the program when syncing bank feeds. I want you to know that they are updating the system for PSD2, a new banking rule. This is to ensure we are compliant with the Irish law and regulations.

As an alternative, you can manually enter bank transactions through your account register.

PSD2 aims to improve life for financial services customers. This covers people that have bank accounts, loans and credit cards, such as small business owners, just like you. Here are some benefits of PSD2 once it’s implemented in QuickBooks:

  • You can save time by connecting accounts and credit cardsThis way, it will automatically upload transactions as they happen.
  • The software matches sales to invoices and costs to expenses. This means you'll just have to approve the entries and move on.
  • You can add unlimited bank and credit card accounts so you’re in complete control.

Check out this article: Open Banking and PSD2. This link also provides more information about the rule overview, how it affects your business and the impacts on the market.

Please know that I’m here anytime you have other concerns. Take care always, info.

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Seeing that Intuit is aware of this error, when is this i...

Seeing that Intuit is aware of this error, when is this issue likely to be resolved for EU customers? We are having the same error with our AIB bank feed in Ireland. Automatic banking feeds is part of the service subscribers pay for so it should be fixed quickly otherwise refunds should be issued for monthly subscribers.
QuickBooks Team

Thanks for joining this thread, @dave. Currently, we don...

Thanks for joining this thread, @dave.

Currently, we don't have a specific time frame as to when this issue will be resolved. Rest assured, our product engineers are actively working to have a permanent fix. Please know that I hear all of your insights. With this, I'll also update this thread as soon as I receive an update from them.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm here to answer them for you.
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Re: Thanks for joining this thread, @dave. Currently, we don...

I just want to throw my hat in with Dave here, I also use bank feeds from AIB and they are no longer working causing my an almighy headache which quickbooks has fixed until last month.


I know this is not your fault but pointing us to a blog and the adverts with Danny DeVito are actually frustrating. 


I just want to push along with Dave for a resolution to the AIB feeds issue asap, even a general time frame would help as a VAT return without this will be the reason I end up bald! 


Anyone know if there is even a good third part solution out there that might be a work around until quickbooks gets sorted?

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Re: Thanks for joining this thread, @dave. Currently, we don...

Hi RossT,


My temporary work around at this point is to periodically login into AIB on our browser and export a specific date range as a .csv transaction list and manually import  that file into Quickbooks Online matching it to the specified Bank Account. I don't see Intuit or AIB having a strong motivation to fix this issue anytime soon for the small group of their customers affected, so I'd say we'll be using this method for a while to come.


Hope that helps somewhat.



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Re: Thanks for joining this thread, @dave. Currently, we don...

Thanks Dave, I'll give that a go, that sounds like it will help a lot actually. 


Chasing on time payments due in and out is my biggest problem since this stopped working. 


Yeah I agree we will likely be at the end of the queue for resolving this unfortunitly as much as PSD2 was suppose to make all of this easier and better.