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How to import a journal into quickbook?

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How to import a journal into quickbook?

Prepare your JE data with the following template

10101/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Savings-50.00Credit Savings   
10101/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Checking50.00Debit Checking   
10201/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Savings200.00Debit Savings   
10201/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Checking-200.00Credit Checking   


then use an importer tool to proceed


QuickBooks Team

How to import a journal into quickbook?

Hello there, internacionalm. I'm here to share details on how to import journals in QuickBooks Online (QBO). 


QBO allows you to import transactions in a variety of methods. Importing an Excel file is one of these. However, it's currently limited to customers, suppliers, bank data, charts of accounts, invoices, bills, and products and services.


To import your journals, I suggest searching for a third-party tool and integrating it with QBO. Find the app that best fits your business needs in two different ways. First, you can check out this website or perform the steps below within your QBO account: QuickBooks Apps Store.


  1. Log in to QBO Company as an admin.
  2. Navigate your cursor to the Apps menu located from the left navigation pane.
  3. Then, select Find Apps. You will be routed to the Apps window, where you can see an application that supports QBO integration.
  4. Start looking for similar apps or if you have something in mind, locate this by typing the application's name on the search bar.


Then, follow the on-screen instructions to connect this app to your QBO. For further guidelines about the integration, you may reach out to third-party app support.


Once you're done, you can pull up the Journal report from the Reports menu's Standard tab. It lets you view all your journals within a specific period. Moreover, you can scan this article to learn more about customising the data with it: Customise reports in QuickBooks Online.


If you have any further questions or concerns regarding importing or managing transactions in QBO, I'm always here to help.