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importing data for QBO to make invoices

Hi, For one of our customers who is a magazine publisher, we want to import into QBO on a regular base,  customer contact details and invoice data for the bookings coming from our ad-booking system,  so that QBO can generate the invoices. What's the best way to do this?

Thanks, regards, AdFactory

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QuickBooks Team

importing data for QBO to make invoices

Hi AdFactory,


It's a good idea to import your customer's details and invoice data. It will save you time and will let you focus on your business. Currently, this feature is not available. I suggest finding a third-party app that can do this process for you. Just click on Apps in the left navigation bar or visit the QuickBooks App Store.


If this is a big customer and you have an extra budget, you can find an app developer who's very familiar with QBO. They can coordinate with our developers to automate data transfer from your system to QBO.


If you wish to continue doing the manual entry, I bet using a recurring invoice template can save you time. When you use it, you'll only need to change little detail on the invoice.


To create one:

  1. Create an invoice for the customer.
  2. Click the Make Recurring option at the bottom.
  3. Change the Type to Unscheduled.
  4. Select the items that you usually invoice them.
  5. Click on Save template.

To use the template:

  1. Click the Gear icon.
  2. Choose Recurring Transactions.
  3. Click Use on the template.
  4. Update a few details when necessary.
  5. Save or send the invoice.

Wishing you more sales for your company. We're just around if you need more help.

Fiat Lux - ASIA
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importing data for QBO to make invoices


What is your ad booking system? If the system does not support QBO yet, you may export the data out of it and using the importer tool to QBO.


Hope it helps

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importing data for QBO to make invoices

Thanks Fiat Lux,

Our ad booking system ( has integrations with several acounting systems, based upon CSV import or API, but we don't have an integration yet with QB-Online. Thanks for you suggestions. I did find the Saasant importer already, but TransactionPro is new to me. I will check them out, Thanks!