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Customer care support number

I reconciled transactions last month and everything was cleared. But, this month, I see last tow months transaction are pending
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Customer care support number

Good work on clearing your last month's reconciliation, @prakash-jop! Let me share the reason why you're seeing pending transactions and help you get rid of them.


With QuickBooks Online Banking, downloaded transactions will always base on the information provided by your financial institution. Even minor updates implemented on your bank can trigger the integrated connection to download your online transactions.


Since you've already cleared and reconciled all transactions from the previous months, I'm assuming these pending transactions you've mentioned are duplicates. We can exclude to remove them from the list. I'll show you how.


  1. Go to Banking.
  2. Select For review.
  3. Choose all the pending transactions in question.
  4. Click Exclude.


I'm adding this article to learn more about excluding a downloaded bank transaction: Exclude a Bank Transaction you Downloaded into QuickBooks Online.


But if you still want aid from our online specialists, it's best to contact them directly from the Help menu. Considering we're unable to provide the exact phone number of the support you need, the Contact Us feature from the Help menu is the safest way to reach our team.


You may also read through the contents of this reference the detailed step by steps guide anytime you need help doing or fixing a reconciliation: Learn the Reconcile Workflow in QuickBooks.


If you have any other concerns with banking transactions and reconciliation, please let me know by leaving them in the comments below. I'll be here to answer all of them. Take care and stay safe!