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Is it possible to send payment receipt to customer when we have send

Is it possible to send payment receipt to customer in PKR when we have send him invoice in AUD

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Is it possible to send payment receipt to customer when we have send

Hi, @saifkhan786. Let me help you send the payment receipt in PKR.


We're unable to send a PKR payment receipt when you send your customer an AUD invoice.


When your home currency is AUD, you'll have to turn on the Multi-currency feature in QuickBooks Online and make a new profile for the customer to invoice and send a payment receipt in PKR. Then take note of the AUD invoice details that you send to him. You can remove this record to avoid duplicate income that would reflect in your Profit and Loss report since you'll replace them with a PKR invoice. This will keep the records aligned.


Here's how to create a new customer with a foreign currency:

  1. Go to the Sales menu and then select Customers.
  2. Click New customer.
  3. From the Customer Information window, go to the Payment and billing tab.
  4. Select PKR Pakistan Rupee in the This customer pays me with field.
  5. Hit Save.


Once done, create the invoice and enter the invoice details that you have taken note of. You'll see the 1 PKR to 1AUD conversion box. Make sure to enter the rate in AUD. In the Amount (PKR) field, enter the PKR value and then hit Save and close.


When all is ready, you can follow these steps to send a payment receipt in PKR:


  1. Click + New above the left menu.
  2. Choose Receive payment.
  3. Select the client name from the Customer drop-down.
  4. Check the invoice box.
  5. Click the Triangle button beside the Save/Save and close button.
  6. Hit Save and send.


That should do it. Let me also attach these articles that you can read to learn more about exchange rates:



Additionally, you can reference this article for more details to enhance the style of your sales forms: Customise invoices, estimates, and sales receipts in QuickBooks Online.


I'm looking forward to your reply. If there's anything else you need help with sending customer sales forms and sending payment receipts, please tag me in your comment. I'm always around to assist. Stay safe and well.