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Can we upload the item picture

Upload image to product
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QuickBooks Team

Can we upload the item picture

Welcome to Community, bernadette_hunte.


I'm here to share with you the steps on how you can upload image to a product in QuickBooks Online.


You can attach photos of your products to the Product and Services page. This will help you identify the items presented. However, the images will not be displayed when you create an invoice. 


Here's how:


  1. Navigate to the Sales menu and select Products and Services.
  2. Look for the item you need to attach an image of.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Select the photo icon and browse your folders to look for the image you need to attach.
  5. Once done, click Save and close


I added this link if you need help in customising your sales forms: Customise invoices, estimates, and sales receipts.


Keep me posted if you have further concerns about adding images to your products when creating an invoice. I'll be on the lookout for your response. Have a good one.

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Can we upload the item picture

Hello Leizy, 


I have a similar problem, but in order to avoid doing one-by-one upload of the picture is possible to bulk edit the products and include the pictures in the bulk edit?


Is any possibility for this or something similar to solve our issue ?

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Can we upload the item picture

Thank you for joining the thread and adding your voice to the conversation, Metrolutions.


I know how beneficial it is to your business to bulk edit the products and include the pictures. However, this option is unavailable in QuickBooks Online (QBO). We'll need to edit them manually and attach per photo of your products to the Product and Services page. Just follow the steps and details provided by my colleague LeizylM


With this said, I'd recommend sending this request straight to our product engineers through feedback. Sharing features and options that you would like implemented is how our engineers look for new product updates. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Gear icon at the top.
  2. Select Feedback.
  3. Enter your comments or product suggestions.
  4. Then select Next to submit feedback.


For now, I suggest looking for a third-party app that can integrate with QBO that allows you to bulk edit and add photos by batch on the Product and Services page. You can check out the apps that are compatible with QuickBooks at this link: We can also do it in QBO by following the steps below:


  1. Click Apps in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click the Browse Category drop-down menu and choose Sync Data.
  3. Select the app you want to integrate.
  4. Click Get App Now and complete the following on-screen instructions.


Any questions about integrating the app into your Online account are best handled by the third-party app provider. If you need to download your attachments, reports, lists, non-posting transactions, and attachments from QuickBooks Online, refer to this article: Export data, reports, lists, and more from QuickBooks Online.


I'm always here if you need more help downloading the pictures of your items. Let me know by leaving a reply below. Have a great rest of the day!