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Level 4

Apps tab in QuickBooks Online

Hi All,


I am using QuickBooks Online trial version but the App tab is not working as I expect. It doesn't show 'Search' or any other option to access the App(s) and explore it. May any one confirm that whey the App tab/feature is not working? A reference snap shot is also attached for more clear picture.



Abdul Rehman.

QuickBooks Team

Re: Apps tab in QuickBooks Online

Hello Abdul Rehman!

We’ve recently added the Apps menu on the left navigation bar. However, we can’t use it yet. There isn't a turnaround time yet as when it be fully functional, but we're working for app integration for international versions.


If you have other questions about the menu, you can always go back to this thread.

Level 4

Re: Apps tab in QuickBooks Online

Thanks Jesst for sharing update.