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How can i get vendor balance detail with job name?

I need to view the vendor balance report with a column for 'job name'.

or if i can view job profitability detail report with vendor name and invoice number, its great. Please tell me a way to do it. I have attached a screenshot too.

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Level 1

How can i get vendor balance detail with job name?

Dear r.c.abeygunaseka,

Good day! I am here to assist!

Understand that you wish to track profit and loss by each job. I would recommend if you can use "Class tracking" function to track the profit and loss by class.

Kindly refer to the attachment below to guide you how to use "Class tracking" function.

To get the detail transaction report, you may need to click on each balance of the account in "Profit and loss by class" report. This will give you the detail breakdown eg, invoice and bill no. (Refer to the attachment to show you how to run the Profit and loss by class report)

I hope you find this useful and have great day ahead!