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Razorpay payment gateway app not working

Razorpay payment gateway stopped working and the customer support of Quickbooks is totally and totally pathetic. The person pesters me with too many useless questions. This is the error Uh oh, there’s a connection problem. Sorry, but the app didn’t connect. Please try again later, or contact customer support for help. Instead of escalating, the agent asks me to send screen shot of the invoice from customer end and my end. Another screenshot from an incognito window. Another one from my mobile browser Another one from another machine. After wasting more than an hour of this nonsense, I logged out with my issue still pending. I was using Zoho books which was convenient. We don’t have to waste time talking to inexperienced people. Send email and you get response the next day with a proper solution there. I never expected Quickbooks to be so 4th grade and pathetic.
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Razorpay payment gateway app not working

We appreciate your posting your concern here in the Community, userinvoices


Based on the details you've mentioned, you've already contacted our Customer Care Team. And with that, they've already provide the basic troubleshooting steps when dealing with errors related to the connection interruptions.


When integrating with QuickBooks Online, we always consider the status of the third-party applications such as RazorPay. They might have a website maintenance or other server activities that can likely cause the interruption between the two programs. I'd recommend contacting the RazorPay's support to verify this one. Once they're done with the maintenance, you can go back to QuickBooks Online and try the payment gateway one more time.


If the same thing happens, you can visit the Intuit Developers page. We have developers, engineers, and other QBO users that might be using the same payment gateway. From there, you can check other posts or create one.

  1. Go to this link and select QuickBooks Online:
  2. Click Ask a Question and enter the details of your concern.
  3. Click Ask.

Keep us posted so we can further assist you this.