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New in QuickBooks for GST!

Hi! We're glad you're here. We're working on enhancing QuickBooks to meet your GST related needs even better.
Here are some changes that you will now see in QuickBooks.

October 2017

We have introduced a new field ‘GST Registration Type’ for your customers/suppliers. Now, the GSTR reports will be generated according to this classification. See How to apply GST registration type for customers and suppliers  to learn more about it.

The new GSTR2 and the updated GSTR-1 reports are now available.

September 2017

  1. Custom Form Style Import now support GST fields.You will now be able to map Place of Supply, HSN/SAC when uploading a custom created invoice template. Please note that Tax Summary will continue to appear at the bottom as earlier unlike the Standard (QuickBooks default) which shows the tax summary under the Subtotal.
    1. To know more about Custom Form Style Import, see How to Import Invoice Template Styles from Word
  2. Transaction List by Supplier Report modified to show supplier GSTIN in an additional column. We hope you find this report useful in comparing supplier transactions in QuickBooks with the GSTR2A supplied by GSTN.

August 25, 2017

  1. Updated GSTR-1 Reports

August 4, 2017

  1. Place of Supply will now be displayed in your printed invoice and will include the State Name and the State Code.
  2. For the Invoice To and Ship To addresses, the printed invoice will now display the state code along with the name of the address
  3. Invoice in print/preview mode will display the tax summary along with total computation.
  4. Screenshots of changes introduced on August 4

August 1, 2017

  1. Estimates to print with the Company GSTIN, Customer GSTIN, HSN/SAC column.
  2. Bulk update of HSN/SAC in the Products and Services List. This allows you to update an existing set of products & services with their respective HSN/SAC.
  3. Availability of HSN/SAC column when importing a new set of products & services into QuickBooks.
  4. Availability of GSTIN column when importing a new Customer/Supplier List. Please note that existing customers & suppliers will need to be assigned GSTINs by individually editing them.

To send your feedback about QuickBooks, click the gear icon in top right in QuickBooks and select Feedback.

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