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Can you add a filter in "Products and Services": it will be great to create a filter for find products by suppliers. Thanks.

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Hello there, danielxd2006, I’d be happy to help share inf...

Hello there, danielxd2006,

I’d be happy to help share information with you about the available filters for Products and Services.

Right now, you can filter your Products and Services list by:

  • Status
  • Type (Inventory, Non-Inventory, Service, and Bundle)
  • Category
  • Stock Status

While the option you're looking for is unavailable which is to be able to filter by supplier, for the time being, you can visit our blog and register to our Newsletter. This way, you’ll receive email updates about what new changes and features, and hopefully your suggestion would be one of them.

If you have follow up questions concerning your QuickBooks Online account, please keep me posted. I am more than happy to further help.