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Custom Trial Balance

Is it possible to create a custom trial balance that includes both the account info & the class info?

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QuickBooks Team

Custom Trial Balance

Good day, luannsanford.


I'm here to share some insights on how Trial Balance works in QuickBooks Online.


The main function of the Trial Balance report is to show the total debit and credit balances of each account during a period of time. Thus, we're unable to add additional details, like account information and class. If you need them to be included in the report, I'd recommend exporting the Trial Balance and Balance Sheet Detail reports to an Excel file. Then, combine the related columns outside of the program. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Reports menu.
  2. Open the Trial Balance and Balance Sheet Detail reports.
  3. Set the appropriate reporting date and accounting method.
  4. Click Run report, then select the Export icon.
  5. Choose Export to Excel, then customize the data.

I've also added some resources that will help you speed up the reporting process in the program:


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