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Deposit on an invoice is not showing up on the deposit detail report

The deposit detail report only shows deposit transactions. Since the invoice is not a deposit transaction, the deposit entry on an invoice will not show up in the report.

Group the deposit with other undeposited funds

To make a deposit entered on an invoice show up on the deposit detail report, you need to first group the deposit with other undeposited funds:

  1. Open the invoice with the deposit.
  2. Select the Deposit to drop-down and choose Undeposited Funds.
  3. Select Save and close.In the Action column, select the drop-down and choose Edit.

Create the deposit

The next step is to create a deposit:

  1. Select + New.
  2. Under Other select Bank Deposit.
  3. Under Select the payments included in this deposit, select the deposit entry on invoice and other undeposited payments.
  4. Select Save and Close.

You will then need to run the deposit detail report. Once you do, you'll see the deposit on the report.

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