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Recording GST payments on Imports



Hoping some one can help me.

We import some goods direct from the supplier in Europe to Customers in NZ.

Our freight company tells NZ Customs the value of the packages imported and they bill us monthly for the GST component,

I'm trying to find a way to record this so it shows on my tax summary as tax already paid.

Apparently I need a GST on Imports account for this but unsure of how to set this up so it shows on my report,

If you want any clarification on what I am trying to do please let me know




Recording GST payments on Imports

It's glad to have you in the Community, Julia. I'm here to lend a hand regarding recording GST payments on imports.


There is a setting on your tax setup that will let you assign GST codes to the items you purchase. If you haven't set that up, you can go to the Taxes menu and follow the on-screen instructions until you reach the tax setup window. 


Once done, you can assign the GST code to your purchases. Please see the sample screenshot for your visual reference:


Here are tax-related articles for additional guide:


Kindly update me on the result as I want to make sure GST on imports appears on your report. If you have any other concerns please add them below. I'm here to help.

Level 1

Recording GST payments on Imports



Thanks for responding.

I chatted with customer support and they advised this solution.

I am unsure if this is doing what I want though.

The bill I have is just for GST to pay so by using the tax code as below I would just be creating a zero rated code as I don't pay a further 15% tack on the gst  - This is then not going to show on my tax summary. I need the whole amount in the bill to show as a tax paid.



Recording GST payments on Imports

Thanks for your prompt response, julest. I want to make sure this is taken care of.


I would highly recommend consulting with your accountant. They can advise you on what should be the best course of action in dealing with this matter. Also, to ensure accuracy and to avoid messing up your books. You can visit our ProAdvisor website to find an accountant or tax advisor to keep your books up-to-date.


Please visit us anytime if you have any other tax concerns. We're always here to help.