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How to merge employees

To merge one employee record into another, you simply have to edit the Display name as field of the employee you want to remove to exactly match the employee you wish to keep.

  • Merging can't be undone.
  • You cannot merge employee records if they have payroll active.
  • When you merge a list element into another one, you are deleting it from the database completely. Since the list element is not deleted until the nightly rebuild, the merged employee only appears after it is done.
  1. Select Employees.
  2. Select the employee name you want to remove, then select Edit from the Action column.
  3. Change the First name and Last name field to exactly match the employee you wish to keep.
  4. Change the Display Name to match the original name.
  5. Select Save and close.
  6. Select Yes to confirm that you want to merge the two employees.

Now you're able to successfully merge employees.

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