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Partnering the Cloud is Partnering the Future

I have always believed in being an able advisor of my business partners. As a firm, we do not want to be mere bookkeepers. We want to offer analysis and a different point of view, and advise clients on what’s necessary to meet their needs. We see our clients as partners, and it is our responsibility to help them reach their goals. Moving to the cloud has helped us do that much more effectively, by providing us with a higher level of security and flexibility.

Less worries about data staying safe

Our cloud partner, Intuit, are on the same page with us in their emphasis on security. With previous program, the responsibility of my company’s data security fell on us. With cloud, we no longer have to worry about that. We’re assured that Intuit will keep the data secure for us.

Able to get work done in a shorter time

Even though QuickBooks online is really easy to use, clients still see accounting as a professional aspect they can’t handle. So unfortunately, we’re still having to handle the basic aspects of accounting such as entering transactions. Despite this, the cloud has still increased our efficiency. Files can be accessed and worked on by multiple people at the same time, without any disruptions, as well as uploaded and reviewed in real time. This has helped us get things done more efficiently in a shorter span of time.

Grow Your Business With QuickBooks

A better working environment for my employees

The flexibility of accessing files any time and from anywhere not only saves us time, but provides a better work environment for my staff as well. They can now work from home should they need to take care of their family in case of emergencies.

A brighter future with clients as partners

This is just the first step into the future of accounting. We believe that clients should be treated as partners, and will get deeper involved with the accounting aspect of their businesses. They’ll no longer see accounting as the “unsexy” bit of running a business and hand it off. With the cloud, accounting firms can now be stronger partners with their clients, and spend more time in providing hard truths and advise – to help their clients take their business from strength to strength.