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Cloud Accounting Software Market to Grow 8.5% from 2019 to 2025

Learn more about the trends and predictions that are tracking the global cloud accounting software market for significant growth over the next few years.

How to avoid cash flow problems to expand a business

Struggling to manage your cash flow effectively? Learn how to avoid the common causes of cash flow problems that often lead to the failure of small businesses in Singapore.

Excel accounting – making the switch to cloud accounting

Thinking about making the switch from Excel? Here are five reasons to consider moving from spreadsheets to streamlined cloud-based accounting software.

Cash flow problems? Here’s how to bounce back to cash flow positive

Using effective cash flow management strategies can empower you to cushion financial blows to your business. Find out how to solve cash flow problems.

3 simple ways to improve cash flow

Poor cash flow management is one of the biggest reasons businesses in Singapore fail. So, what can you do to improve cash flow? Try these three simple tips.

5 surprising benefits of diversity in the workplace

When diversity and inclusion work together, they improve the job experience for employees and the performance of the company as a whole. Here’s how.

What is an Invoice?

Choosing and Defining Invoice Payment Terms

How to choose and define Invoice Payment Terms

Singapore Grant Opportunities Via Business Grant Portal (2020)

Are you looking to start, expand, or otherwise upgrade your business in Singapore, but you don't know how to raise the funding to make it happen? Good...

7 Accounting Formulas Every Business Should Know

NoveAs a small business owner in Singapore, you may prefer to handle your own accounting, to maintain control over your own books. If so, here are s...

Understanding the Peaks and Troughs of a Cash Flow Cycle

The ins and outs of small business bank accounts: what you need to know before making a choice

Learn how to establish a relationship with a bank, and how to open a business bank account. Read about finding a bank that meets your company’s needs.

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