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Bank feed not updating

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Bank feed not updating

Hi Kferreiradesigns,

Apologies for the issue you are facing with your bank, can you advise if there is any messages or codes appearing and what bank you are with?

Kind Regards,
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Bank feed not updating

Hello kferreiradesigns,

How's everything going so far? We haven't heard anything back from you, but we're here to help as much as we can. This is to make sure you're able to bring your bank transactions into QuickBooks Online. 

Here are a couple of suggestions you can try: 

  • Manually download your transactions by clicking the Update button on the Banking page. Try to update three times during non-peak hours. 
  • Import a bank file directly to QuickBooks Online through Web Connect. You can refer to this guide on how to upload bank transactions

If you still encounter the same problem, please get in touch with our QuickBooks Customer Care Team. They can investigate this further with more tools. 

Please let us know if there's anything else we can help you with. 

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Bank feed not updating

This is the 3rd time of doing updates and the bank feeds quit working. Have multiple accounts that I do bookkeeping for. The main bank account under quickbooks started working after another account was created and merged. The other accounts will not work. Just went thru this in February for all my accounts, when an update was done.  Called my bank, no problems on their end. This is an on going issue with Quickbooks. Very frustrating!


Bank feed not updating

Thanks for joining the thread and bringing this to our attention, tammy5329,


So that I'm able to provide you with the best resolution, could you please verify with me the specific bank accounts that were not updating?


I'll be on the lookout for your reply and waiting on standby.

Level 1

Bank feed not updating

What do I do next? Been trying to update my account the whole morning 

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Bank feed not updating

Hi I have just phoned Intuit support (UK) and there is a message saying there is a known issue with updating banking feeds at the moment. The icon just spins after clicking update but nothing happens.

Can someone from the team please update the page at

Level 1

Bank feed not updating

I'm having this problem too - It's sooooo frustrating! :womanfrustrated:

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Bank feed not updating

I'm having the same issue too

QuickBooks Team
QuickBooks Team

Bank feed not updating

Hi there, mike_coreit, paulaharper, and TopMarks1.


We currently have an ongoing issue about updating Bank Feeds. Our engineers are still working together for the permanent fix.


I'd suggest contacting our Technical Support Team. They'll add you to our notification list and send you an email update or resolution for this one. They'll also post the update of this issue in the QuickBooks Status page.


Here's how to reach them:


  1. Click Help on the top menu.
  2. Select Contact us. 
  3. Provide a brief description of your concern in the What can we help you with? section.
  4. Click Let's talk.
  5. Choose a way to connect with us through Start a chat or Get a callback.

I'll keep an eye on this and will get back to you if there's an update.

Level 1

Bank feed not updating

Wow, this is really disappointing to read that this was happening back in May and I'm having this issue still now in September.

Xero is looking mighty fine right now.


Bank feed not updating

Greetings, hello42.


Welcome to the Community. Allow me to lend a hand with any concern you may have concerning the Bank feeds in QuickBooks Online.


I've checked here in the system, and I haven't found any ongoing investigation specific to your region about the bank feed. Can you share with me the name of the financial institution you're having an issue? Any additional details will ensure a timely solution.


For now, I suggest manually updating your bank account sign-in information to ensure you regain connection within QuickBooks. You can follow the detailed steps in the article I'm adding below:


How to update your bank account sign-in information.


If the problem persists, I recommend reaching out to our QuickBooks Support Specialists this time. They'll be able to perform an escalation whenever needed for you to get back on track with downloading bank transactions.


Here's how you can reach them:


  1. Log into your QuickBooks account.
  2. Click the Help option in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click the Contact us hyperlink.

Get back to me if you need further help with updating Bank Feed. I'll keep an eye on your response.

Level 1

Bank feed not updating

Echo hello42 here. the Bank update doesn't work at all. My bank update dates show 7/21, when i first created my account and clicking on the 'refresh all' button does nothing. 

Does anyone have an answer to this. And not the usual redirection to support pages as to how to add or edit bank log on information with the caveat that bank log on might have changed. They haven't. Since it works fine on Mint. How can Mint work while Quickbooks won't. Beats me. 


Bank feed not updating

This can be caused by cache-related issue, mmani.


Too much stored data file may lead to unusual behaviors in QuickBooks. To clear this out, let's perform a few basic troubleshooting steps.


Try to open QuickBooks using an incognito or private browser to see if you're able to update your bank feeds. If it works, go back to your main browser and clear its cache. This completely removes browsing history. I also recommend to use other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.


If you still get the same result after performing the steps, I'd suggest contacting our phone support team to investigate this further.


It'll be my pleasure to assist if you need more help.

Level 3

Bank feed not updating

For what it's worth, I also have this problem and it's going back a while now. It's the same problem trying to update feeds from PayPal and TSB Banking - neither appear to update even though they did (once upon a time)! I've given up - life's too short.

Level 1

Bank feed not updating

I'm having the same problem. Have tried different browsers etc and nothing works. Spoke to Customer Support and while they are very nice no suggestions of how to fix the problem in 3 weeks.

This is very frustrating. Is there a way to go back to the standard feed as this seems to work fine with my other accounts.


Bank feed not updating

Hi there, philsweeney.


Thanks for getting back and sharing the steps you've taken so far.


Since you've already tried all the recommended troubleshooting steps above, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Care Support to conduct further investigation and drill down the cause of this bank feeds issue.


Here's how you can reach us:

  1. Click the Help icon in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Select Contact US on the pop-up. 
  3. Enter what you're needing assistance with in the What can we help with? field and choose Let's talk
  4. Click Get a callback.
  5. Enter your contact information.
  6. Select Call me.​

If you need help with something else about QuickBooks, reach out to me directly. I'm always around.

Level 1

Bank feed not updating

Same issue. No transactions are showing to reconcile for the past week. (Bank account balance is updating, just not showing any transactions at all) have contacted customer support 3 times only to be told that no one else is experiencing this problem and someone will get back to me. No one has ever gotten back to me and this issue is still on-going. On Day 7 with no transaction  to reconcile. Repeat customers are now receiving invoices showing balances past due from a week ago 


Bank feed not updating

Thanks for contacting us, User012.


I appreciate you for contacting our QuickBooks Online Technical Team to get help with missing transactions on your bank feeds.


Usually, you need to manually download your latest transactions when this happens.

  1. Go to the Banking menu.
  2. Select the blue tile at the top for the bank account you want to update.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Go to the For Review tab since this is where QuickBooks puts successfully downloaded transactions.
  5. If you find the missing transaction, categorise it into an account. Transactions won’t show up on your books until you categorise them.
  6. Next, go to the Reviewed tab.  
  7. Look for your transaction and review the Added or Matched column.

Please see the attached screenshot below on how transactions are sent nightly.


If you're still unable to see those entries on your bank feeds, the issue may be on your financial institution's end. What you need to do is sign in to your bank's website to check this. 


When you're able to log in to their website:

  • Check your account page for messages, notifications, or alerts. Any display or sign-in issues on your bank’s website can potentially block QuickBooks from downloading new transactions.
  • Check for any announcements about new security requirements.
  • If everything looks good, go back to the Banking menu in QuickBooks and follow the manual update above.

I've added this article: What to do if you can’t find downloaded bank transactions for detailed steps on how to find missing entries.


If you're getting the same results, I recommend getting back in touch with our QuickBooks Online Technical Team through chat. This way, you won't have to wait for a callback. Here's how:

  1. Select Help (?) at the top right.
  2. Select Contact Us to connect with a live support agent.
  3. Enter a brief discussion of your concern, then click Let's talk.
  4. Select Start a chat.

Let me know how everything turns out by leaving a comment below. I'll get back to you.

Level 1

Bank feed not updating

Wish you could downvote the customer support replies. This is such an obvious longstanding problem on their end that Intuit's canned customer support responses are laughably transparent. 


I've tried all the suggestions for updating the bank connection, clearing the cache, etc., and still my business checking account will not update (even tho QB says it is up to date, it is most certainly not). Credit accounts are updating fine.


Fix this, Intuit. Otherwise, may an exodus of customers set you straight.


Bank feed not updating

Hi @soulriser,


I understand how it feels when an application you use doesn't function as you expected.


Since you mentioned that you've gone through the steps provided by my colleagues above and yet the issue persists, I suggest contacting our Technical Support team for further assistance. They can offer a screen share session (with your permission) to thoroughly investigate the root cause of your issue, along with other tools to assist you with your issue. If needed, they can escalate this to our banking engineers for further investigation.


Here's how:

  1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online company.
  2. Click the Help menu.
  3. Select Contact us.

In situations where your online bank account doesn't download transactions, you have the option to upload them manually. Open this article for the steps on how: Import bank transactions using Excel CSV files.


Feel free to reply to this thread, in case you have additional queries and I'll get back to you.

Level 1

Bank feed not updating

I too have this issue. Quickbooks has not updated my transactions since september and the manual workaround of downloading the csv files from HSBC and importing them is a bust too as HSBC no longer provide this service. I ended up typing them in individually (and the split rules then do not work).


This is Quickbooks main selling point (to me) if we can't find a way around it (whatever the problem may be) I will have to change accounting software.


I hope that you can provide an update ?


Bank feed not updating

I understand the inconvenience this issue has brought upon your business, @MachineHeads.


Our Engineers are aware of this and have uncovered complicated encryption which is blocking the bank feeds. We are currently working with the bank to see if there are any options to work around this encryption.


If you haven't signed up for the updates yet, I'd recommend reaching out to our Online Support. This way, they'll be able to notify you through your email once the issue is resolved.


Please bear with us, while we continue to work on this. 


In the meantime, I'm always available here to answer your questions, so feel free to reach out. Have a good one.

Clever Claws
Level 1

Bank feed not updating

So has there been any progress on this?


I've now called customer service twice and both times they've said I'll be notified once it's rectified, then 10 minutes later I get an email saying my case is resolved and has been closed.


How long are we looking at for this to be sorted?




Bank feed not updating

Hello Clever Claws,


We want to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


Currently, Intuit Engineers are working with HSBC bank to fix the coding issues in the online banking connection. Rest assured as soon this issue resolved, you’ll be notified.


Moving forward, you can visit this article as your reference to learn more about QuickBooks: Help articles.


You can reach out to us anytime if you need help.