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Create or add another company file to QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Learn how to manage multiple company files more easily with QuickBooks.

You can have multiple companies under the same Intuit account. Each company file is its own paid subscription, but you access them with the same sign-in info. This lets you quickly switch between companies so you can manage everything more efficiently.

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Add a new company

Visit the QuickBooks pricing page and select the subscription option you want. When you are on the login page, select the Subscribe here link next to Already have an Intuit account? With the same credentials you have for your current company. If you want to have two separate sets of credentials, enter a new user ID.
Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new company file.

Switch between company files

Whenever you sign in, QuickBooks asks which company file you want to open. To switch between companies when you're in QuickBooks, select Settings Settings gear icon. and then Switch company.

While you can quickly switch between multiple companies you’ve set up, they’re still separate. Here are a few things you can do to manage all the data in your company files.


Users you set up for one company aren’t automatically granted access to the other. If you want to give them access, you can invite them.

Online banking

If you connect a bank or credit card account to one company, it isn’t added or visible from a second. You need to connect it separately for each company.


You can move your lists (suppliers, customers, inventory and chart of accounts) to your new company so you don't have to start from scratch.

Keep in mind, your companies are kept separate for a reason. Changes you make in the future to a list in one company won’t be updated in another company's list.

Important: QuickBooks Desktop migration

Migrating into your new QuickBooks Online company from QuickBooks Desktop? Remember to migrate within 90 days, or you’ll need to delete all the data in the new company before you migrate. We also offer conversions for Reckon, Xero and MYOB.

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