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logging is issues

have had this issue for a while and it remains unresolved;


1 - unable to receive a phone call for 2FA so email is used

2 - logs me out before the 3 hour setting expires

3 - very slow responses to log in


have spoken to QB support and tried all the normal "suggested" fixes but to no avail.


anyone else experiencing this


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Level 8

logging is issues

Hello jamesl007,


Allow me to provide some information about the security in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online ensures to protect your data. The verification codes are one way to protect them. The MFA is the default security setting in QuickBooks Online. Unlike the two-step verification, this won't be disabled. So every time you log in to your account, it prompts you for the one-time confirmation code. 


If you're unable to receive the verification call or text, please check if your phone number is correct in the Intuit Account manager.


  1. Log in to Intuit account manager
  2. Enter your user id and password.
  3. Click on Sign-in & Security.
  4. Check if the phone number is correct and make sure it has an area code +61.

If you've tried the above and still to no avail, please check the settings of your browser. Here's how:


  1. Go to Chrome Settings.
  2. Click on Privacy and security.
  3. Check if Clear cookies and site data when you close all window is turned OFF.


Furthermore, QuickBooks Online has an automatic timeout feature and the inactivity time is based on the time you last clicked Save. You can check this in your Company Settings. Here's how:


  1. Go to the Settings icon from the top right.
  2. Click on Account and settings.
  3. Click on the Advanced tab.
  4. In the Other Preferences section, click the pencil icon.
  5. Set the hour drop-down arrow from the Sign me out if inactive for.
  6. Click on Save, then Done.


If you try the other browsers and it still asks for the code there is nothing we can do to turn it off. this is a security feature that Intuit has put in place to protect the company data and information. For more information, you can review this article to learn more about the security feature: Verify your account with multi-factor authentication.


In addition, I've included this resource for more insights: Privacy and security in QuickBooks.

Level 2

logging is issues

All have been tried before - issue remains status quo