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How to record pre-paid PAYG and GST


I would like advice on how to record payments to the ATO in Quickbooks Online.

I make a weekly payment to the ATO to keep on top of tax obligations (PAYG and GST).

I set up a credit card account which I select when I make payments when using the GST payment screen.

How do I record the payment? I use our bank account to pay the expense transaction to the "ATO credit card account" but it is recorded as a negative amount.

What is the best way to handle this type of payment in advance.

Thank for your assistance,
Kind Regards

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QuickBooks Team

How to record pre-paid PAYG and GST

Hi Colleen,


Thanks for your question, I'll try my best to answer this for you.


You can use the following steps to record a GST payment in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Select GST, then navigate to the To Do tab.
  2. Select Record Payment on the activity statement you want to record a payment against.
  3. Enter the Amount paid.
  4. Select the Account the payment was withdrawn from and the Date of the payment.
  5. Enter a Memo for the transaction if required.
  6. Select Save.

Note: You can only record a payment for a previously lodged activity statement.


If you're looking to make extra payments outside of the payments made in the GST tab then I would suggest creating a supplier named "ATO".


You are then able to make payments to the ATO and record them as expense transactions against this new ATO supplier entity. 


For more insight on how to record a GST Payment when you don't use the Lodge BAS function in the GST Centre, use this article here


Let me know if you still needed support on this one.






Level 1

How to record pre-paid PAYG and GST

Thanks for your quick response Kristian,

Yes, I am trying to make extra payments outside of those made in the GST tab.

I was under the misconception that payments made from the GST tab had to be from either a bank or credit card account.

If I can select a Supplier Account from the dropdown list in the GST payments tab it will be straightforward.

Thanks again