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How do I "Copy to Bill" part of a PO

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QuickBooks Team

How do I "Copy to Bill" part of a PO

Good day to you, @marina12.

Allow me to guide you on how to achieve this in your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account.


Once you copied a purchase order (PO) to the bill, you can delete the line item of the PO that you don’t want to bill. Let me show you how:


  1. Go to the Expenses menu.
  2. Locate and open the Purchase Order.
  3. Select the Copy to Bill button.
  4. Click the Trash (delete) icon on the line item you don’t want to be billed.1.JPG
  5. When prompted, select Remove line.
  6. Then click Save and close once done.

You can also check this article for more details about creating a purchase order in QBO: Create purchase orders in QuickBooks Online.


I’ve also added this link that you can use for reference in paying your bills: Enter and pay bills.


In case you have other questions about PO and Bills in QBO, you can always tag me in your reply. It’s always my pleasure to answer them for you and keep you in working order. Keep safe.

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How do I "Copy to Bill" part of a PO

Not sure if i understand this. should i delete one line then copy to bill the rest of the order when i save and close will the deleted line still be on the PO so that i can copy to bill when i get the rest of the order?


How do I "Copy to Bill" part of a PO

Yes, everything added to the Purchase order remains intact, @marina12.

Let me clear these things out for you so you can continue to run your business.

If you have an item that is part of your Purchase order (PO) that you don’t want to bill, you can delete it. This way, it will not be included once you make payment. Doing this method won’t affect your PO transaction.

You can refer to these screenshots for visual reference:
Capture 1.PNG
Capture 2.PNG
Check out this article for your reference on how to enter bills and record payments in QuickBooks. It has complete instructions to ensure books remain accurate.

Please let us know if you have other concerns with your transactions. We’ll be here anytime to help you. Take care.

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How do I "Copy to Bill" part of a PO

When I "copy to Bill" the material that I ordered on the PO is not moving over to the Bill??

QuickBooks Team

How do I "Copy to Bill" part of a PO

Thanks for updating this thread, @spikeselectric. I appreciate you going through the steps provided by my colleagues, and I’ll ensure you can link your purchase order to a bill. 


I’ve replicated your concern and verified it works fine. May I know if you’re able to select the More button at the bottom center of your PO, then Copy? If so, have you received any error messages during the process? This will help me verify if there’s a reported issue specific to your case.



In the meantime, it's possible you’re experiencing a browser issue. That’s why you’re unable to copy a purchase order onto the bill. To fix this, let’s use a private browser to access your QuickBooks account. This doesn't retain cache files, so this helps rule out the possibility of a webpage issue. 


Here are the keyboard shortcuts:


  • For Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + P
  • For Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + N
  • For Safari, hold down Command + Shift + N


If this works, you’ll need to clear the browser's cache to avoid experiencing strange behavior. By doing this, it’ll remove the history or built-up cache in your default browser, so you can start with a clean slate. You can also switch to other supported browsers as alternatives.


Additionally, see this article for the updated steps on applying an accepted purchase order to a transaction for your supplier: Add purchase orders to expenses, bills, or cheques in QuickBooks Online. This includes the process of removing a PO from an expense or bill.


Feel free to check out these guides to learn more about recording bills and tracking your stock moving forward:



Do you have more questions about your bills? Please let me know, and I'll do what I can to help. If you're ready to work on other tasks, add the details below and I'll assist you.