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My QuickBooks says FNB under maintenance. It cannot connect. Does anyone know if it's an error?

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QuickBooks Team

My QuickBooks says FNB under maintenance. It cannot connect. Does anyone know if it's an error?

Hi there, @GeoffMohr.


Currently, we have an ongoing investigation about customers experiencing problems connecting their First National Bank (FNB) account. I understand the inconvenience it has caused to everyone, as we value your time in managing your bank feeds.


Our engineers are currently working on this to sort it out as quickly as possible. Since they are working on this internally, please know that we cannot provide a turnaround time regarding their efforts.


Moreover, to ensure you'll get an update about the resolution status, I recommend contacting our QuickBooks Support Team. This way, they can add your company file to the list of affected users and provide this investigation number for easy tracking: INV-94788.


To reach them, you can follow the steps below:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Click the Help button.
  3. In the QuickBooks Assistance chat box, select Talk to a human and or tap the Contact Us button at the bottom.
  4. Then, type in your reason for contacting us in the What can we help you with? Box and click Continue.
  5. From there, choose a way to connect with us; either to Chat with us, get a Callback, or call our support line directly by getting our Phone number.


Additionally, refer to this article for other options when contacting them. You can also scroll down to the bottom to see their support schedule and hours: How and when can I contact QuickBooks Online support?


In the meantime, we can manage and get those transactions into your bank feeds by manually uploading them using a CSV file. Here’s how:


  1. From the left menu, click the Transactions menu and then choose Bank Transactions.
  2. On the Banking page, tap the dropdown arrow beside the Link account button.
  3. From there, select Upload from file.
  4. Click the select files option to upload your file.
  5. Finish this by following the on-screen instructions.


I also added this article for complete guidelines for uploading bank transactions: Manually upload transactions into QuickBooks Online


Furthermore, I have a bundle of articles you can refer to when categorizing your transactions and reconciling your account. Doing so will put your transactions in the correct category and avoid any discrepancies in your books:



Our team is always available whenever you need our assistance in managing bank accounts. We appreciate your patience while we’re working on this one. Stay safe!

JT Design
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My QuickBooks says FNB under maintenance. It cannot connect. Does anyone know if it's an error?

Has anyone figured out this issue? It has been more than a month since my account has stopped syncing. Why am I paying for QuickBooks if I have to do everything manually?

QuickBooks Team

My QuickBooks says FNB under maintenance. It cannot connect. Does anyone know if it's an error?

Let me share some updates about the status of the investigation, @JT Design


Upon checking, the investigation regarding the connectivity issues with First National Bank (FNC) has been resolved. However, I recommend you contact our support team if you still experience the same error. This way, they can further look into this.  


Here's how: 


  1. In your QuickBooks Online company, select (?) Help.
  2. Choose either tab to get started:
  • Assistant: Get quick, personalised answers. Select a suggested option, or type a question or topic you need help with. If you need further help, you can still chat to a human
  • Search: Type a question, keyword, or topic for QuickBooks Online self-help content or select Contact Us, type a question, and Continue. Choose a way to connect with us:
    • Start a chat with a QuickBooks support expert online.


To determine their availability, check out their support hours


Meanwhile, we can upload your transactions via a CSV file. We can follow my colleague's instructions to accomplish this task. 


Furthermore, check out this article to know how to categorise transactions from your bank automatically: Set up bank rules to categorise online banking transactions in QuickBooks Online.  


I'm still all ears if you have further queries about bank connectivity issues. Take care!