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Data Migration from Quickbooks Accountant Edition 2017 to QBO

I need to migrate my data to QBO

I do not have the " Export Company File to QuickBooks Online" option

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Data Migration from Quickbooks Accountant Edition 2017 to QBO

QB Desktop 2017 Accountant UK version?

Do you have data with multi currency transactions or attachments?


QuickBooks Team

Data Migration from Quickbooks Accountant Edition 2017 to QBO

Thank you for reaching out to the Community, Powerrush. I know you want to migrate your QuickBooks Account nt Edition 2017 data to a localized version of QuickBooks Online. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to migrate data from QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2017 US, Canada, or UK Desktop to a version of QuickBooks Online.


QuickBooks Online is designed to cater to specific regions, and the data structures and functionalities may differ between different versions. As a result, QuickBooks does not support direct migration from one localized version to another.


However, there is a workaround that you can consider. You can explore third-party apps that specialize in data conversion and migration. These apps can help convert your data from QuickBooks Accountant Edition 2017 to a format compatible with QuickBooks Online South Africa.


I recommend researching third-party app providers to discuss your specific requirements about converting your data to QuickBooks Online South Africa. You can visit this link for the App Store: App Store.


 For more details, check out this article (they are US-based articles since there's no Desktop version outside of the USA, UK, and Canada): What To Expect When You Switch From QuickBooks Desktop To QuickBooks Online.


For further assistance, I recommend checking out our QuickBooks Online guide. It contains additional resources to help you get started.


Please let me know if you need assistance selecting a third-party app or have any other questions or concerns. I'm here to support you through this transition. Have a great day!