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Greedy Intuit limiting accountants AND users!

I am a QB Pro Advisor and have been for many years.  Apparently QBO just changed it's platform for users.  If I sign up a new client I am linked as the "accountant" and I can no longer invite a second accountant.  In addition, my accountant user is filling one of the three billable user slots for the client as well.  So basically, I can't invite my bookkeeper who helps with my clients.  AND if I invite her as a user, that leaves one slot available for the owner of the company and no one else within their organization.  I could understand if my one accountant slot was used by me, but leave the other three for the client and a potential bookkeeper.


I PAY intuit to be a ProAdvisor but I assumed they would want me to encourage my clients to sign up for QBO vs. other cloud based accounting platforms out there.  At this rate, even with a small wholesale discount, it would be better to encourage my clients to sign up on their own, invite me as a user and have the three "company" spots available for them.  Otherwise the wholesale discount is lost by them having to pay for more users.


In my opinion this change was really short sighted. At the very least, use up the ACCOUNTANT spot for me only and leave the other "billable" three users open for the owner and other company users.  I am SO disappointed.  With the constant price increases every year to have a feature removed is unacceptable.  I'll be looking to invest in other cloud based accounting platforms for my 300+ business clients.

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QuickBooks Team

Greedy Intuit limiting accountants AND users!

Hello there, Kmj555ProAdv1! We hear your sentiments and understand the relevance of utilizing QuickBooks without any challenges. Please know that we take your comments into account.


QuickBooks usage limitations are the maximum number of users that can be active at the same time. You have a usage limit depending on the subscription you have. These restrictions relate to the number of billable users you can add to QuickBooks. Please read this article to check and manage usage limitations, as well as what to do if you reach them: Learn about usage limits in QuickBooks Online.


For your clients' company, they may want to sign up for their own company and invite your firm as their accountant. You can send this article to them for reference in adding accountants in their QBO moving forward: Managing accountant users in QuickBooks Online.


If you have any suggestions or feature requests, feel free to send them to our product developers. They might consider including them in upcoming updates. Here's how:


  1. Click the Gear icon, then select Feedback.
  2. Enter your feature request.
  3. Click Next to submit.


You'll want to learn how to learn how to manage multiple businesses with one login, check pout this article: Multi-company Files in QuickBooks Online.


Please don't be hesitant to click the Reply button below if you have any further questions or need assistance with other QuickBooks-related concerns. We're here 24/7 to assist you. Have a successful year!

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Greedy Intuit limiting accountants AND users!

Ok, so your response is:


1. "You understand the relevance of utilizing QuickBooks without any challenges." - B.S. This is the MOST challenging thing I have come up against with QBO to date. You are limiting my ability to work closely with my clients and help them see that QuickBooks Online CAN service their needs with flexibility.


2. "Look at this link that explains usage limits" - but it CHANGED.  Why did it CHANGE?  Why do you think it's fair to use one of the client's billable users for the accountant when it was always separate before?  The price went UP and now my clients have LESS users.


3. "Let your client sign up for their own company" - What good is it to have ProAdvisor's supporting your product then?  You just want them to pay full retail price in order to maximize the user slots or force them to upgrade.


You don't value your customers and you don't value me as a long time QB ProAdvisor and proponent.  This reduces the value of what I pay intuit to be a ProAdvisor now.  Why am I paying Intuit $1,200+ per year for no benefit?  You have become the corporate goliath lining the pockets of shareholders that doesn't give a crap about actually meeting the needs of your customers.


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