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How to upload manually a bank?

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How to upload manually a bank?

You've come to the right place, kdenverdave. 


Uploading bank transactions to QuickBooks Online (QBO) saves you a lot of time. Before we deep-dive in to the steps, please note that the file size limits to 350 KB. You may upload in batches if there's a need to do so. 
Don't forget to add a bank account on your Chart of Accounts. Now let's go to the Banking tab and select Upload transactions.  


Banking Tab.PNG

On the Bring your info into QuickBooks page. Click Browse then go the file location. Select the file and click Open.  Then hit Next.

Bring your info into QuickBooks.PNG


On the Select an account page, make sure to choose the correct account and click Next

Select an account.PNG


Hit Let's go! on the next screen. Now, you are ready to categorize you bank transactions. You can also use banking rules


Don't hesitate to reach out to us again in case you need something else when working in QuickBooks. 

Level 7

How to upload manually a bank?

Hi @kdenverdave , you could use this link to data import/export : . Glad to assist you.