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Invoice Template

Hi. I recently subscribed to Quickbooks Online and working to customize our invoices. Why does my invoice is showing different format from the one I saved on custom form style. For example I choose VAT column to show on the invoice but it is not showing when I print my invoices. Tried to open in Incognito and other browsers but still getting the same issue

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Kristine Mae

Invoice Template

Let's get this resolved, ANON24.


We'll have to ensure that we're using the correct template when creating the invoice. This way, the VAT column will show when you print the transaction.


You'll just have to click Customise at the bottom part of the invoice and select the right template. Then, print the sales form again.


I'll also share this article as a future reference: Create invoices in QuickBooks Online.


You can get back to this thread if you need more help. We're just one comment away. 

Level 1

Invoice Template

I am aware of that and already did it, but the invoice format is still different when i print it from what i saved on the custom form style

QuickBooks Team

Invoice Template

Thanks for coming back here, ANON24.


When columns are missing, or template formats are not updating, it can be caused by a browser-related issue. To rule this out, let's try refreshing the browser by pressing F5 on your keyboard.


Go back and open the invoice. Make sure the template is selected from the Customise section. Then, click the Print or Preview. If you're still having the same issue, you'll want to open your QuickBooks Online account in an incognito or private browser. This mode prevents your browsing history from being stored.


Here are the keyboard shortcuts: 


  • Google Chrome: Ctrl Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: Command Option P

Open the invoice and try to print it again. If you have the correct invoice format, go back to your regular browser, then clear its cache. Clearing the cache fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites. Restart your browser afterwards.


On the other hand, use a different supported browser to check if you're getting the same issue.


Please let me know how it goes. I'll be around to help until a solution is found.

Level 1

Invoice Template

Unfortunately, I already did all the listed solutions above but I still get the same issue. All templates that I've created in custom form styles are showing different format either it's invoice or estimate.

QuickBooks Team

Invoice Template

Let me share some details on how to fix the customised invoice, ANON24.


QuickBooks Online uses Adobe Reader/Acrobat in saving and printing documents including invoices. We can update, repair, or re-install it to fix printing issues.


In addition, you'll want to reach out to our Customer Suppor Team so they can further check it.  They can also investigate what's causing this error.


Post again here if you have more questions. I'll be here!