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Why transactions are showing double.

QuickBooks Team

Why transactions are showing double.

It could be the transactions were entered twice or downloaded twice, @accounting452.


To verify this, let’s check your Audit log and see who made those changes. Let me show you how:


  1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online (QBO) account.
  2. Navigate to the Gear icon.
  3. Select Audit log.
  4. Click the Filter drop-down menu.
  5. Personalize it to All users, select Show all events, or thick the Transactions box.
  6. Then click Apply1.JPG
  7. Select the duplicate transactions and delete them.

You can also utilize this link to learn more about the use of audit log.


Additionally, if the transactions were downloaded from your bank account, we can exclude the duplicate ones. Here’s how:


  1. Go to the Banking or Transactions menu.
  2. Click the Banking tab.
  3. Select your preferred bank account and go to the For review tab.
  4. Find the duplicate transactions and Exclude them.

You can also read through this link for more details: Exclude a bank transaction you downloaded into QuickBooks Online.


If the transactions were already added to your chart of accounts, let’s go open your account and delete it from there:


  1. Go to the Accounting menu.
  2. Select Chart of Accounts.
  3. Locate your preferred account and the View register link under the Action column.
  4. Click on the duplicate transactions and select Delete1.JPG

I’d also recommend getting in touch with your accountant for additional guidance in deleting those transactions. This way, we can ensure your book is well accounted for after making these changes.


If you’re not affiliated with one, visit our ProAdvisor page and we’ll help you find one from there. Once everything looks good, you can now reconcile your accounts whenever you're ready.


In case you have other follow-up questions supervising your accounts, don’t hesitate to share them with me. I’d be delighted to work with you again. Keep safe and happy holidays!

Level 2

Why transactions are showing double.


The transaction is entered once and while edited it shows once. 

when I search it shows 3 times.

I am attaching Picture for refrence.


Why transactions are showing double.

Thanks for getting back to us, accounting452. I'm here to lend a hand regarding your duplicate concerns.


Can you please attach a screenshot so I can further check it here?

When searching for transactions in QuickBooks Online, it will depend on the criteria you choose. Please refer to the screenshot I've added for your visual guide:

Also, you'll want to check the Audit trail to verify if there are recurring transactions. Here's how:


  1. At the top right, click the Gear icon. 
  2. Select Audit Log.
  3. Use the fields on the Filter panel to choose the appropriate UserDate, or Events filter to narrow the results.
  4. Select Apply.

I'll be right here to keep helping if you have any additional questions regarding duplicates in QBO.

Level 2

Why transactions are showing double.

Dear Team,

you sent me a screenshot showing reference No is once. while in my QB it is showing 3 or 4 times.

I am sending you an attachment. 

I tried to copy here but failed. 

You can see in NO in your screenshot is 485,486, 484 while in my screenshot it appears  (484,484,484). One transaction more time. while if I open it is only one. 

Level 2

Why transactions are showing double.

Screenshot 2020-12-28 100519.png

QuickBooks Team

Why transactions are showing double.

By looking at the screenshot you’ve shared with us, you have nothing to worry about, @accounting452.

I’m here to provide a little information on why transactions show duplicates in QuickBooks.


When you check the transaction journal, you'll noticed the details are doubled. But this doesn’t affect the events information. The system will only ensure amounts are balanced. All Transaction Lines option indicates all items/accounts in every posted transaction.

I’ve attached screenshots for your visual reference:
Capture 1.PNG

To get extra information on how other features work in QuickBooks, check out this help articles here. It has a complete reference to manage customers, income, and many more. Just select each to view them.


Should you have other concerns besides your transactions, please let us know. We'll be here to help anytime.