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QuickBooks Team


Hello, @info1621.


When entering your billing information to reactivate your account, there are several factors you'd want to consider.

  • Make sure there are no special characters or symbols (such as @ or *) in your billing address. Special characters will cause errors.
  • Make sure every field on the payment method screen is filled in, including the Postal code. If your address doesn't have a Postal code, enter 00000.
  • Follow "Step 1: Update your billing info" in a private web browser. For Google, this is called Incognito mode and for Safari, it's a Private window. If you can update your billing info and don't see the error, you need to clear your web browser cache.

Meanwhile, let's try accessing your QuickBooks account using a private or an incognito browser. Your regular browser's cache may have been corrupted, resulting to unexpected behavior when updating your billing information. You can use either of these keyboard shortcuts:

  • Google Chrome: Ctrl Shift N
  • Mozilla Firefox: Ctrl Shift P
  • Safari: Command Option P

Once logged in, you can try updating your credit card information. Here's how:

  1. Go to the Gear icon.
  2. Click Settings, then Account and settings.
  3. Select Billing & Subscription.
  4. Enter your credit card information.

Just a heads-up, QuickBooks only accepts the following debit and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and Amex. You can read through this article for more detailed insights: Update billing, payment, and subscription info in QuickBooks Online.


If this works, you'd want to clear your browser's cache. This will remove the stored cache or cookies to refresh your browser. If the same thing happens, use another supported browser.


Lastly, you can refer to this article to see other possible reasons why a credit card authorization might be declined: Why was my credit card declined?


Get back to us here if you  have other questions or concerns about managing your account. I'm always here to lend a hand.