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Why are we unable to pay for subscription . It is showing error

Credit card is rejected, net banking is rejected. Now we want to pay, but we are unable to pay. Please help
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Fiat Lux - ASIA
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Why are we unable to pay for subscription . It is showing error

Try opening the link to purchase a new blank QBO account on any private/incognito browser.


Why are we unable to pay for subscription . It is showing error

Welcome to the Community, usercaumangsonijain.


In addition to FiatLux - Asia's suggestion, here are the things you need to do to pay for your subscription successfully.

  • Make sure there are no special characters or symbols (such as @ or *) in your billing address. Special characters will cause errors.
  • Make sure every field on the payment method screen is filled in, including the Postal code. If your address doesn't have a Postal code, enter 00000.

Otherwise, you'll want to update the payment details if you’re using Debit Card. Here are the steps below:

  1. Select the Gear icon and then Account and settings.
  2. Choose the Billing & Subscription tab.
  3. Update the information in each section.
  4. Remove all the special characters on the address. Make sure it only contains letters, numbers, and spaces only.
  5. Include the correct region code (+91) in the Company phone number, then Save.

If you can update your billing info and don't see the error, you need to clear your web browser cache. Here are detailed steps for how to clear your browser cache.


You can refer to this article to see other possible reasons why a credit card authorization might be declined: Why was my credit card declined?


If the issue persists, I recommend contacting our Customer Care team to add you to the list of affected users. This way, you’re able to receive notifications about this matter. Our representatives can also provide additional information and help you with the process. 


Also, feel free to visit this link where you can gain more tips and articles for future use: Welcome India customers to Global Community.


The Community is always open if you have other questions. I'll be around to help. Wishing you a great day ahead.