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Two women smiling at marketing efforts on computer

Perfect your marketing message to attract high-value clients

You’re ready to grow your accounting firm, and you want to strategically attract high-value clients. So, where do you start?

Of course, your clients benefit from your services. Although you attempt to explain its value, you end up tongue-tied – at a loss for the exact right words. As frustration builds, you wonder why it’s so difficult.

A messaging formula easily solves this for you. Now, you say the exact right words. Every. Single. Time.

The formula elegantly explains what you do and why it matters to themAnd it’s not a dull message that’s quickly forgotten once the conversation ends. You’ll know your message hits a home run when the other person asks to hear more.

Avoid watering down your message because you want to appeal to everyone. It’s not highly effective. Plus, not everyone is an ideal client for your firm.

Clarify what your high-value client looks like. Think about your one best client. If you could clone this client, who would that be?

Who came to mind for you? Some combination of personality traits and industry segment probably influenced your choice.

Get specific

Client attraction messaging works best when you focus on one person rather than the masses. So, tailor all of your messaging to that specific person. Whether it’s the text on your website, social media posts, or sharing at a network meeting, you want to be memorable.

As a result, your messaging catches your ideal client’s attention. That specific person realizes your value and wants to know more. Here’s the beauty of this approach – they pursue you rather than you pursuing them.

Now that you know who your high-value client is, let’s come up with some great ways to attract this client with your messaging.

Highlight benefits, not features

Benefits and features are the same, right? Not so fast. They’re actually very different; however, the differences are subtle. Anything regarding your services is a feature – something like we do your bookkeeping, or tax advisory consults included.

A benefit explains how your accounting services improve the client’s business. It answers questions such as why should I hire you to do my bookkeeping and how will tax advisory benefit me?

In a nutshell, client attraction messaging highlights benefits. It educates a potential client about how your accounting services solve their financial challenges.

Take the stress out of managing your firm

3 steps for your client attraction message

  1. Who is this for? The more specific, the better.
  2. What benefit or outcome are they seeking, and are they willing to invest in?
  3. Which of your services will help to achieve that result?

2 quick examples

  1. Busy real estate agents want to stay on top of their finances, but don’t have time to do it themselves (who). We manage your bookkeeping (feature) so that you have more time to grow your business (benefit). 
  2. Realtors: What if you could sell one more house each month (who)? Let us take care of your books (feature) so that you can take care of your business (benefit).

Perfect your message

A crisp marketing message gets right to the point. Rather than a lengthy paragraph, consider soundbites or bullet points. No matter what format you prefer, make sure the benefit is crystal clear.

Yes, your accounting services matter. But how well do you communicate your value?

  1. List 5 specific ways your high-value client benefits from working with your firm.
  2. What changes, or what’s possible, once you address the primary concerns? List 3 changes.
  3. Write down what happens if the client doesn’t use your services. Consider oversights, headaches, and frustrations.

Benefits, not features, spice up your messaging. Clients care about how your service solves their challenges, not the software or tasks necessary to manage their finances.

The art and science of client attraction

Client attraction messaging is a formula that delivers results. It speaks to a specific person, acknowledges their challenges, and educates them about the solutions you offer.

Remember, the way you express the benefits matters. If you want to draw in high-value clients, then appeal to their most important concerns.

Marketing, overall, may intimidate you. It’s a matter of addition and subtraction. Start to notice the feedback. If something gets a response, do more of that. When something falls flat, let it go.

Consistently adjust to find the combination that appeals to your high-value clients. It’s an evolution, not a destination.

Getting started with client attraction messaging

As with most things, getting started is the hardest part. That hill you’re about to climb always looks the biggest from the bottom, so get started! Once you start attracting high-value clients, you’ll notice patterns and trends.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if something you’re doing isn’t working, and never be afraid to try something new. Remember, with a clear audience, clear messaging, and a this is how we are going to help you attitude, you’ve already fought half the battle. A message that is attractive to clients will have your high-value client reaching out to you and wanting to know more.

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This article originally appeared on the Firm of the Future site by Loren Fogelman.