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Introducing Paul Juppet
  • Growth mindset
  • Loves numbers
  • Moved from Excel to QuickBooks

Born in France and raised in Chile for most of his life, Paul is now running his business remotely in the Netherlands.
Paul Juppet

Paul's law and accounting firm, CJA, helps small business owners in Chile keep in shape financially and legally. As for how he ensures his own business is in shape, he credits QuickBooks being a main influencer in his business operations.

Paul started using QuickBooks in 2021 when he heard his colleagues talk about the product. "I definitely explored other options too, but the local solutions were more expensive and harder to use. QuickBooks was easy and intuitive."

The invoicing feature is a favourite for Paul. "It's beautiful - allows me to put a link so my clients can pay with credit card, just makes it easier for sales and collection."

QuickBooks makes a lot of sense - it's intuitive, friendly and beautiful.

A person and a person sitting at a table with a laptop.

As he increased his frequency with using QuickBooks, Paul says that it has helped him form good habits for his business. "On Mondays, the first thing I do is look at metrics - they set you in reality as numbers always tell you the truth. This helps me know what I neeed to do for my business for the week, month, year." He continues, "In real time, I can manage my profit and loss - it's so useful to know how much money is coming, how much I owe and whether I'm profitable." And thanks to QuickBooks Paul says he can get that info on a weekly basis, or get it as soon as he wants, "I have the data at my fingertips."

The reason why I won't leave QuickBooks is because of how easy it is to get reports at your fingertips.

The tools I use

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The tools I use

Paul recalls it wasn't always this smooth sailing with the accounting side of things. Before he started using QuickBooks, he was an avid Excel user but later felt it to be too vulnerable to data loss, and required a lot of manual manipulation. "It can turn in weird ways, stop working, definitely can't automate or get financial reports easy. Plus it was very easy to lose information."

I feel safer in QuickBooks. To be practical, you just have to put everything in the cloud. It's probably more risky with pen and paper.

What advice does he have for other small businesses?

Paul wanted to leave readers with two pieces of advice: 1. Work on your mindset and 2. Know your numbers.

"It's fundamental to work on the way you perceive things and your relation to it. Mindset is important."

After you have the right mindset, Paul believes the importance of knowing your numbers. "Don't be afraid of them - You must know where these numbers belong to on the board, what they mean, and how to make a decision from it."

Combining the two pieces of advice together, Paul says, "Embrace a growth mindset, so that you don't get clouded by the noise in your mind, refer to your numbers to make decisions. You owe it to yourself to know your numbers."

You can learn more about Paul Juppet's business at

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