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Bank Feeds Integration & Connections

Connect your bank to QuickBooks Online

Connect your bank to QuickBooks Online and set up bank feeds to save time and reduce errors. Your transactions will automatically and securely flow straight into QuickBooks.

Clients who have connected their bank to QuickBooks save an average of 10 hours* per week. There’s no extra cost and you can sync your accounts in minutes.

* Based on September 2022 survey of small businesses using QuickBooks Online in global markets who stated they connected a bank or credit card account in QuickBooks. Global markets exclude AU, BR, CA, FR, IN, MX, UK, and US.
Woman checking her bank accounts on her mobile phone

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Stay on top of your transactions and keep an eye where your money goes

With simple reconciliation, Open Banking compliance and bank coverage in over 33 countries, QuickBooks makes it easy for small businesses worldwide to:

  • Track and manage bank transactions automatically
  • Securely import revenue and expenses data 
  • Easily report on your banking and credit card transactions

All you need to do is connect your bank account and get a full view of your finances.

Understand all your transactions in an instant

Know what’s coming in and what’s going out from your accounts. Bank feeds let you see how your business is doing in real time.

Screenshot of the banking tab in QuickBooks Online showing a list of transactions

No more manual data entry

Make number crunching and clerical errors a thing of the past. Connect your bank accounts to QuickBooks and enjoy a seamless and secure integration.

Screenshot of QuickBooks Online banking transactions set up screen

Keep your financial data organized and connected

When your bank data flows directly into your QuickBooks Online account, every transaction is instantly synced and sorted for you.

As you add data and approve transactions, QuickBooks recommends categories for your expenses and gets smarter over time.

Screenshot from QuickBooks Online showing a dashboard with different charts and data

Your bank account transactions sorted

QuickBooks matches income with invoices and outgoings with expenses, then automatically categorizes each transaction.

A digital image of a transactions receipt

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