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Introducing Akhil Nana
  • Business owner
  • Lover of cinema
  • Made the switch to QuickBooks in 2021

A love of movies inspired Akhil to open Egrek, a single screen cinema in Johannesburg that offers both public and private screenings in an intimate 30 seat experience.
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Akhil started using QuickBooks when he wasn't getting the help he needed from his old accounting software. He initially turned to QuickBooks for "survival" purposes, mainly using it to send quotes and invoices. But he soon realised it helped him see a clear overview of his business finances, and allowed him to make data-backed decisions.

"Having work experience in corporate companies, there's a false idea that you know how everything works. And so when setting up my business I faced challenges with departments like marketing, sales and finance", said Akhil.

Having the ability to easily see how Egrek is performing allows him to confidently make future plans for his business.

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QuickBooks calms me down. It eases the anxiety I used to get towards the end of the month about how my business was performing. Now I see the importance of bookkeeping, and keeping track of your finances.

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The tools I use

The user experience was incredibly easy and straight-forward, helping him understand how to use the product instantly. The online resources and QuickBooks Youtube channel were Akhil's go-to whenever he needed help.

Akhil gives an example of how the simplicity of QuickBooks has benefited his business: "Recently we've been going through the process of identifying missing payments or mistakes. By running reconciliations we found that it equated to $800-900." Through this process, he said, "QuickBooks made it really easy for us to explain the situation to our customers when we re-contacted them. Now my books are up to date."

Additionally, QuickBooks helped Akhil understand where his money was coming from and where it was going. "I realised that the concessions such as popcorn and drinks were the main source of income. Whereas our biggest expenses were accumulating from the small spends I made on foyer decor." Having this knowledge has helped Akhil to hold off on some purchases, and ultimately reduce debt and avoid taking additional loans.

What advice does he have for other small businesses?

A friend once told him in his initial stages of starting Egrek, “Keep an eye on the finances, that's the most important thing.” This advice has stuck with him.

Similarly, Akhil advises others to use accounting software as a tool to make decisions based on data, set it up as best as possible from the first transaction, stay disciplined in tracking expenses, and get monthly reports and analysis and reviews.

You can learn more about Egrek on their website

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