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Introducing Juliana Bustillo
  • Colombia
  • Events
  • Flower arrangement

Juliana Bustillo

QuickBooks helps me manage my expenses and invoicing to save me time, so I can focus on growing my company with the right support.

Juliana is a creative who decided to start a flower arranging business under the idea that all human beings need flowers in their life. Currently she works as the Founder and Creative Director of her company with a team of 12 people under her charge. By saving time on expense management and invoicing, we help customers like Juliana work more efficiently so she can get back to focusing on her customers. Ora offers flower arrangement services for events that range from weddings to photoshoots. This brand has evolved from just a small idea, and has since partnered with MasterCard and been featured in Domestika. Learn more about Ora the Floral Agency here.

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