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Introducing Meryl Ng
  • Husband and wife business
  • Manufacturing, car workshop
  • Singapore

Squad Workshop began in 2020 from Meryl's husband's interest in modifying cars. Since then the husband and wife team have been in the automotive business.
Meryl Ng

Their business was initially handled by an accountant, but later decided that they couldn't financially maintain an accoutant. So Meryl decided to take the business finances into her own hands. That's when she began searching for an accounting software that could cater to her industry, and help her with invoicing and reporting.

After discovering QuickBooks through a Google search, she signed up to a 30-day free trial and with two weeks left, she decided to sign up to the paid subscription. She loved how easy and self explanatory QuickBooks was to use, and felt like no training or accounting background was required to get started. Meryl said, "QuickBooks is pretty straightforward. It's not rocket science. It's easy."

QuickBooks has helped me get my mind off certain things at work. Freeing up time for me to spend with my family.

A blue car with yellow and orange stripes parked in a garage.

When asked how she intially felt moving to the cloud, Meryl says she was never hesitant about it. "I didn't really see it as an issue, everything's in the cloud - my personal photos are too!"

She likes that QuickBooks helps automate her business tasks, which has been saving her time and effort to remember every single detail. The inituitve and templated format makes it easy for her during reporting time. Meryl says, "Getting GST reports to submit to IRS every 3 months becomes very straightforward when you have QuickBooks. I don't really need to use my brain - everything is intuitive and fuss-free to get reporting."

If one day QuickBooks decides to close down, I think I will close down too.

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The tools I use

What advice does she have for other small businesses?

Two years into her QuickBooks subscription, she thinks that her business won't need an accountant now.

Meryl advises those who are looking to start their own business: "Start with the basics - find a good team, and use an accounting software, preferably from day one. Do it once and it'll set you up for success."

You can learn more about Meryl Ng's business at Squad Workshop here:

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