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Excel Inventory Management Template

If there is something every small business owner learns early on, whether you operate a small business or a large organization, it is the importance of inventory management. Managing inventory isn't just about controlling how much stock you hold, it's also an important part of asset management, stock replenishment, forecasting, cost sheets, faulty goods returns, valuation, future price forecasting, and the physical space you need for inventory.

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Inventory Management Defined 

Inventory is any finished goods, parts, or materials you keep on-site, whether it's on a shop floor or in the warehouse. It is the most important factor in your business because it is what generates cash flow.

An organized inventory system, for the purposes of inventory management, is vital for businesses of all sizes to ensure hiccups are avoided. It is a key component of supply chain management. It is about keeping track of non-capitalized assets to supervise your flow of goods from the manufacturer to the warehouse to the point of sale. Inventory management improves surveillance, customer relations, customer service, prevents wastage, controls mishandling, increases profits and sales, and helps manage time more effectively. 

What is inventory? Types and examples

What Should an Inventory Template Include?

An inventory template should reflect your inventory list and highlight your stock levels. QuickBooks free excel inventory management template contains 3 key parts including products, purchases and sales, to provide you with an inventory report and business insights. Below is what each part of our excel inventory template contains.


  • Product name
  • Stock keeping unit (SKU)
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Original stock level
  • Reorder point
  • Cost price
  • Markup
  • Retail price
  • Total orders
  • Orders waiting to be fulfilled
  • Stock waiting to be received
  • Stock on hand


  • Purchase order number
  • Product name
  • Purchase date
  • Stock due date
  • Supplier
  • Quantity
  • Cost price
  • Total amount


  • Sales order number
  • Product name
  • Order date
  • Shipped date
  • Client
  • Quantity
  • Retail price
  • Total amount
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How To Use QuickBooks Excel Inventory Spreadsheet 

QuickBooks excel inventory template is simple to use. All you need to do is input your relevant inventory data, such as your products. You can group it by type or location, whatever is easiest and most efficient for your particular business.

Establish clear location names for your products and labels to reflect them. Provide clear item descriptions and numbers, whether you use UPCs or SKUs. Decide what unit of measure is appropriate for your business, whether it's kilograms or pounds or each or a case. You also need to create policies around stock and inventory management and train the relevant team members. You can reflect all of this information on your excel inventory spreadsheet template.

If you stock items like food, then subgroups by frozen, ambient, and chilled might be more efficient. However, a liquor store may opt to work by the spirit or color of the wine. 

You can easily track your products, office supplies, food, or stock with our free excel inventory spreadsheet. All you need to do is customize our inventory spreadsheet for your business. Use it to manage your orders, control your stock, identify best sellers and track sales, and gain a deeper understanding of how your business is performing.

How To Manage Inventory with QuickBooks

Using a free inventory spreadsheet in excel is a good short-term solution to inventory management, though it does have its limitations. Using an excel spreadsheet for inventory management requires manual data entry to ensure it is updated on a daily basis which can be time consuming. While managing inventory can be easy at first, it can get more difficult as your business grows. There may be more fields, more calculations, and it can be easy to lose track of inventory in a big document. 

The most efficient way to manage your inventory is with QuickBooks inventory management software. If you don't have access to inventory management software you can get a 30-day free trial for QuickBooks. QuickBooks can help your business easily manage inventory with features like real-time stock value tracking, low stock alerts, order tracking and more. To learn about migrating to QuickBooks from excel visit our data migration page. 

You can also visit our free tools and templates hub to find more free assets that can help you run and grow your business. 

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