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What is Fill Rate and How to Calculate It

Calculating your fill rate helps you understand the rate at which your business processes orders within a specified time period. Maintaining a high fill rate will allow you to fulfill customer orders quickly and effectively and maintain customer satisfaction. Using our calculator, you can automatically work out your fill rate - simply determine your total number of customer orders received and the total number of orders filled. 

What is Fill Rate?

Fill rate is a metric that measures the percentage of customer orders that a company fills from its available inventory within a certain time frame.

The fill rate indicates the business’s ability to fully meet customer demand quickly. The fill rate is typically a percentage calculated by dividing the number of orders filled by the total number of orders received, multiplied by 100.

A higher fill rate indicates that a business is effectively managing its inventory and meeting customer demand. If a business has a lower fill rate, it suggests potential issues such as stockouts, supply chain disruptions, or inefficiencies in order fulfillment processes. 

QuickBooks Fill Rate Calculator

Our fill rate calculator will automatically calculate your results for you. Simply gather the necessary data, including the total number of customer orders received and the number of orders fulfilled. Input this into our calculator, and you’ll have your fill rate result!

Fill rate
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Fill Rate Formula

The fill rate formula is very easy to follow. You need to gather the number of orders you’ve filled and the total number of orders before using the formula. 

Here is the fill rate formula:

Fill Rate = (Number of Orders Filled / Total Number of Orders) * 100

How to Calculate Fill Rate

To calculate the fill rate, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the total number of customer orders received within a specific time period. Let's say your business received 500 customer orders in one month.
  2. Calculate the number of customer orders that your company fills from available inventory within the same time period. Let's assume you were able to fulfill 450 customer orders.
  3. Divide the number of filled orders by the total number of orders received. In this case, the calculation would be 450 / 500 = 0.9.
  4. Multiply the result by 100 to express it as a percentage. In this case, the calculation would be 0.9 x 100 = 90%.

The fill rate for this specific time period would be 90%. It indicates that 90% of the customer orders received were successfully fulfilled from available inventory.

Example Fill Rate Calculation

Let’s look at another example of how to calculate fill rate.

If a business receives 200 customer orders and can fulfill 180 of them from available inventory, the fill rate is as follows:

Fill Rate = (200 / 180) x 100 = 90%

How QuickBooks Can Help 

Calculating fill rate provides essential insights into customer demand and allows you to ensure your business is stocked for success and your inventory levels are optimal to achieve customer satisfaction. A healthy fill rate will allow you to build trust and loyalty with your customer base and execute orders quickly.

QuickBooks inventory management software allows you to track inventory levels, including quantities on hand, quantities sold, and quantities received, to have better visibility into available inventory and other assets. Our thorough inventory tracking software allows you to make informed decisions regarding order fulfillment. 

QuickBooks allows you to sync your inventory across multiple devices and platforms including ecommerce apps like Shopify to manage sales orders. By accurately recording sales orders and inventory levels in QuickBooks, you can track demand for specific items and allocate inventory to fulfill those orders - ensuring efficient order fulfillment and contributing to fill rate improvement.

Sign up for QuickBooks Online Plus today or start your free 30-day trial to use our powerful inventory tracking software. 

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