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Set up QuickBooks Time Kiosk

by Intuit Updated 7 months ago

Learn how to set up your QuickBooks Time Kiosk on a computer or tablet device. 

If you have QuickBooks Online Essentials, Plus, or QuickBooks Advanced Payroll, you can set up QuickBooks Time Kiosk there.

Once you set up your QuickBooks Time Kiosk and select your preferences for using it, your team members will be able to start using the kiosk to track time. 

Step 1: Add the Kiosk feature

In QuickBooks Online:

  1. In QuickBooks Online, go to Time, then select Overview.
  2. Select Manage Kiosks.

In QuickBooks Time:

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Time as the admin.
  2. Go to Company Settings, then Time Options.
  3. Select Date & Time.
  4. From the Time Zone dropdown, choose your time zone. 
  5. Select Save, and close the window.
  6. Go to Feature Add-ons, then Manage Add-ons.
  7. Search for Time Clock Kiosk, and select Install.

Step 2: Select a device and install the Kiosk app

Before setting up your Kiosk, decide what type of Kiosk you want to install. There are some tablet and computer requirements to consider when selecting a Kiosk. Once you’ve decided on which type to use, you can set up your device.

Tablet devices must:

  • Be 1024px by 768px-size screens in landscape mode.
  • Have enough data available to use the kiosk. For a company of 10 team members, about 60KB is used for each clock-in and clock-out. 
  • Have access to Wi-Fi or have cellular internet capabilities.

The following tablets aren’t compatible:

  • Samsung Galaxy SM-T113 can only be used with the browser version of the kiosk

Tablet stands and mounts must:

  • Be heavy-duty and durable
  • Have a cable management system and access to power
  • Have adjustable screen angles (if not adjustable, we recommend a 45-degree angle)
  • Accommodate both standing and wheelchair users - about three feet high on a flat, stable surface.

Once you’ve chosen the tablet that works best for your company, set up the kiosk: 

  1. Select Add Device, then Other device and write down the 4 digit authorisation code and company identifier.
  2. On your tablet, search for and install the app.
    1. On an Android device, go to Google Play, and Install.
    2. On an iOS device, go to the App Store, and Install
  3. Open the QuickBooks Time Kiosk app.
  4. Enter your company's QuickBooks Time company identifier, and select Next.
  5. Enter the device authorisation code, and select Authorise
  6. Back on your desktop, select Done. Under Kiosk name, select the authorisation code to open the kiosk preferences. 

Note: The Time Kiosk app keeps the tablet from going to sleep. This helps team members use the Kiosk and keeps them from needing the login information to access it. If you want the tablet to go to sleep while the Kiosk is active, you need to use the web browser version of the kiosk on the device.

The Kiosk works on recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, including the mobile versions of these browsers on iOS and Android tablets. 

  1. Select Add Device, then Use this computer and enter a Kiosk name. 
  2. Then, set your Kiosk preferences.
  3. Select Save or Save & Launch Kiosk

Note: If you don’t see the option to Use this Computer, that means this device is already a Kiosk. Review the active Kiosks in your account and look for the Launch Kiosk [image] button. 

Step 3: Set Kiosk preferences

You can change your Kiosk preferences at any time. 

  1. In Time Kiosk Preferences, select the Kiosk name to open the preferences. 
  2. If needed, update the Kiosk name. 
  3. To limit which users can clock in/out on this Kiosk, under Team Members, select all team members and make your selections. 
  4. Turn on or off Require Photo on Clock in/out, if you want to capture photos of your team members clocking in and out. 
  5. Choose a Device Language. The language selected will be the default for that device. A team member can individually choose their preferred language while they use the device, until the session times out.
  6. Turn on or off Record Location. Depending on the device, when you first launch the Kiosk with this requirement, the app will ask to use your device’s location. If you accidentally turn off location for the device, go into your device's location settings to turn it back on.
  7. Show or hide the Team Member List. Team members will manually enter their name if the list is hidden. 
  8. Show or hide the Team Member Working Status. This setting displays a coloured dot next to the team members' profile pictures. Green = clocked in; Orange = on a break; No dot = off the clock.
  9. Select Save.

Change the Inactivity timer duration 

Change how many seconds must pass before the Kiosk automatically signs out your team member. It helps speed up the login process for when multiple team members need to use the Kiosk.

  1. In QuickBooks Time, select Feature Add-ons, then Time Kiosk.
  2. Adjust the time, in seconds, in the Inactivity timer duration.

Step 4: Limit device use to Time Kiosk

Prevent team members from navigating to apps other than Time Kiosk by using your device’s limitation settings. We don’t recommend using a third-party app. 

Step 5: Set team member PINs

Your team will be able to set their own PINs the first time they select their name on the Kiosk to clock in. Or, if you want to set their PINs: 

  1. In QuickBooks Time, go to My Team
  2. Select a team member’s name to open their details. 
  3. In Kiosk PIN, enter a four-digit number, and select Save.

Team members who only need access to the Kiosk don’t need to be invited to use QuickBooks Time. 

If needed, distribute clock in instructions to your team members or post them near the device.

If one of your team members forgets their PIN, you’ll need to reset it for them in the Team Member Details in QuickBooks Time.  

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